Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Polly wants a Cracker(and some tights please)

cancan preparations
image via Flickr

I know it's hot out friends, but you know how sometimes you think tights just perfect the outfit? I'm waiting until I can add on layers and a nice pair of tights with some denim cutoffs(maybe when I'm at the airport next week going to California!). All of those fall collections coming out in stores makes me want to grab some tights, a little fall dress, and the chunkiest sweater I can find. This one site has some funky tights that I can't wait until autumn to wear. Anyone heard of tights with houses on it? I haven't either until I stopped at Pretty Polly(isn't the name fun?). Take a look at them here. Houses!
I've seen dots, cats, triangles, but no houses.. At least someone thought of it! Pretty snazzy, I'd say. I should buy them for my mom and tell her to wear them during open houses(she's a real estate agent). You gotta dress like what you do right? I also think the alphabet tights are fun. Perhaps I'll have to wear them with my Alphabet tee from American Apparel.
Living in New England, the weather is pretty unpredictable, so one day I'm in shorts and the other I can be wearing a sweater so tights are definitely key to many of my outfits.
I'm usually in thigh highs because I like the look of them but they always tend to fall down on me but these are mock thigh highs that won't fall. I think I may need to grab a pair when the sun finally decides to not burn me to death(sadly this is not soon!).
Until then, I will be chilling(literally) in some AC until California(which I weather channel'ed and saw that it is cooler there than in Boston..what?) Which reminds me, I will not be updating until I get back! Consider it a blogging break. I'll try not to shop too much(I'm just saying this to please my worries guys I'll bring some stuff back to show here hehe).

Have a good August :)
Here's a silly picture of me dancing, just because. I found this really cool setting on my camera and this is what it does. SO much fun.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denim and Dots

Wearing Gap denim jacket, F21 dress, necklace from Nordstrom, Aerie sandals

I was sweating really bad yesterday attempting to wear this jacket..but some told me that it would be cold later. And long behold, RAIN. Yes, I am a bit proud of my old school hunch, aka weather channel app on my iTouch :)
Not much to say today, other than I think I may be going on vacation to Europe!! I AM SO EXCITED. Let's hope I'll get to go.. How in the world am I going to fit almost two weeks of clothes for Paris and Milan in my suitcase?
So the other day I decided to use a recipe from and I have to admit that it turned out quite delicious. I'm not much of a cook so this turnout gives me permission to slightly brag, you know, just a tad. Take a look at the process...
The recipe can be found at the site, called Thai Style Chicken Legs.

DSCN2937Thai Style Chicken Legsfinal result- thai style chicken legs
do you seem the chicken goodness just by looking
^peanut sesame noodles

Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrations are Brighter with some Fire

Wearing Gap tee, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Urban Outfitters flats, earrings from Claire's

How was everybody's Independence Days? Since I do happen to be situated in the historical city of Boston, I am privileged by its often spectacular events. Yes, we do have Evacuation Day(except I don't get it off because I live 10 minutes away and not IN the city..ridiculous right?), but I have always enjoyed July 4. In all the years my parents have worked at their business, they have never taken the holiday off until this year! That's a total of 14 absences of barbecues, obnoxious family photos, and hair smelling of sea salt. I have been deprived of the festivities that come with this particular day. So to celebrate this year, my parents and I went to the outlet(my mom knows me too well..)! I purchased this American Apparel skirt for $20, originally $58. Yup, yup folks. I do pride myself in being a bargain hunter. I also pulled an alphabet tee alongside, just because. Oh and please excuse my slight slouch. That I do not take pride in.
I'm going to end with some photos that truly captured the rest of my July 4. I hope that they will bring back good memories for you also.

real rainbow!
DSCN2493 DSCN2496
both of these photos are completely unedited.