Monday, September 20, 2010

Tribute/Double Take

sept 20 2010burncoatlegshairflip
Wearing H&M jacket, lace top from Marshalls, random black tank underneath, F21 trousers snipped into shorts, F21 socks, Payless booties

Hello fellow readers...are you starting to see a trend? Well here it is..I've decided to utilize the items in my closet and make the most out of them without spending too much(this is basically a fancy way of saying, I'm broke so I need to have a shopping ban). As you can already tell, a recent post already features this lace top. But you know what? I'm not a high society girl. I don't have money(I couldn't even afford bubble tea today). I think the thing is that too many fashion bloggers today make it seem like the norm is to own designer pieces and to constantly have hauls and mini shopping excursions when the truth is, most of us can't relate to that, let alone afford that. I'm not saying that all bloggers do this, but we've all seen it before. Style isn't about how expensive or what label your clothes are by--it's who puts the outfit together.
So what I want to say is that as long as you love what you're doing, keep doing it. I can't afford Alexander Wang and TopShop is already a huge stretch, but as long as I love fashion and love what I wear, it doesn't really matter. Psht, I got my whole life to make money...then we'll be talking :)

PS. Anyone notice the vintage photo effects? Shoutout to one of my favorite blogs, WishWishWish. Plus, anyone notice my similar hairflip to JessLovesFred? Well, now you do.

Wishing you less suckish Mondays, because well, they do suck.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sky Ain't the Limit

DSCN5136DSCN5143DSCN5150Gold outfit closeup
Wearing Jones New York sweater via consignment, Express pants, necklace-gift, random bangles from F21, Macy's, H&M handband as bracelet, Jessica Simpson bag as clutch, awesome band-aid

It's official--school life is absolutely horrendous as opposed to my summer life. How can two different worlds collide? Oh right, they don't.
Senior year is finally come. Did everyone else feel like their last year came so quickly? No one really believes people who say, "oh, it'll pass by real quick!", and I'm like, "hells've got to be kidding me". But now, look who's right. Yeah, not me.
I wore this outfit on my little trip to Ikea with the parents. I have to admit that I do enjoy going to Ikea. Who doesn't love cheap furniture and funny Swedish names on every item? I have a feeling my entire dorm room next year will be decked out in Ikea-ware because firstly, I will be broke. Come to think of it..I already have a lot of things from Ikea right now. Most of them are fairly intact but my chest dresser's middle drawer keeps falling down on me. That either says that the dresser sucks or perhaps I have too many clothes.. HM I wonder which one it is..

Either way, shopping ban for the rest of this month. Dammits I wants fall fashion :( Maybe I shouldn't have spent all my money on bubble tea and chunky scarves. Oh well, too late. Until next time!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Shoulder LaceWinkDSCN5113DSCN5107DSCN5104
Wearing lace top from Marshalls, old black tank, American Apparel skirt, Urban outfitters flats, Jessica Simpson bag, Macy's earrings

So this outfit may make me look all precious and gentle, but believe me, I am not even close to that. I wore this out to have a girl's day out with my favorite three. The day consists of shopping(mostly window shopping unfortunately), food, and wandering aimlessly in search of a frozen yogurt joint. We decided on American Joe's for lunner. You will not believe how quickly I scarfed down that cheeseburger. Hungry girl eats what hungry girl wants..
Also, has anyone been feeling this cooler weather kickin' in? I had to wear a scarf at one point, which kinda excites me yet also makes me sad that summer is coming to an end. It's a bittersweet feeling. Anyways, Happy Labor Day. Hope you guys end up doing some shopping.. AH. I must finish another 100 pages of Of Human Bondage before allowing myself to go to the mall. Dammit. Stupid conscience.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Ready I'm Ready

Wearing Uniqlo dress, F21 belt, Necessary Clothing Cuff from SoHo, Macy's bowtie earrings, Coconuts sandals

Yes, I had to quote Spongebob. Come on, you guys have heard of this overused phrase right? Good, ok. We're on the same page. As I'm typing up this blog post, I'm smelling some good cooking downstairs...I'm hungry now. But of course, I will resist until I finally post this up. Bonus points for not abandoning this post? Yes please.
Anyways, I'm finally back from my summer hiatus. I did loads of vacation stuff over in California, basically covering the LA area and the OC. Anyone live around that area? I practically found things to do almost everyday. I will miss the weather, especially when it gets freezing cold over here. It's good to be back home(in a way), but the end of a vacation means the beginning of school. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to it? It is my senior year. I guess you win some and you lose some. Can't have it all.
I feel like I'm just randomly blabbing.. Oh yes! I've also had the opportunity to go to the ISA NYC concert and stayed for one night in Brooklyn last week. The second day consisted of so much shopping in SoHo. I went to Uniqlo(I am so bummed I don't have this store in MA), TopShop, Madewell..all that good stuff. I picked up this cuff there too, at some store called Necessary Clothing. I've been interested in Turquoise jewelry for a bit, but never quite found the right cuff with the right price. New York has it all..

School in a week. I'll try to post when I can! Thanks for the comments guys :)