Monday, October 27, 2008


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Wearing a dress/tunic by Yank, found at Marshalls, H&M cardigan, F21 scarf, necklace from F21, toeless socks from F21, pl. pumps and rings from So Good.
I usually never wear the color pink. I guess I find it a bit too girly for me, since I do love my grays, whites, and blacks. But I just love the softness and femininity it gives to the outfit. I also found the length of this tunic/dress to be a bit awkward. It wasn't long and it wasn't that short. Once I get the hang of the sewing machine, I'm going to shorten it. But it'll probably be snowing by the time I get to it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Secret Garden

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Wearing fuzzy ws vest, H&M coat, H&M gloves(below), scarf from Macy's, Jolt blazer, Sporto boots, Refuge jeans, and F21 aviators.

I really like this scarf, mostly because it's just so soft. I usually never wear much fur, even faux. I'm against real fur, so I'm happy that my mom can't afford the real stuff[hehe]. I'm pretty much an semi-activist about all the major problems in the world like global warming, forest conservation, and animal rights. Save the trees! (Begin to take notice at how much I actually talk about being green. You'll probably get annoyed.)

I love the plants on the side of the townhouse that I live in. The colors of the plants almost look tropical, while I'm all bundled up in 40F weather. Oh, summer, come back to me..

I also cut my bangs! Okay, so it's not a major transformation, but I like it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Ol'

Wearing h&m cardigan, f21 tshirt, urban outfitters scarf, mom's 80's skirt, h&m coat, walmart tights, steve madden boots, homemade necklace, and umbrella from tjmaxx.
I had been wanting to wear this skirt for a while, but never quite got to it until today! I love its high-waisted-ness and the two buttons. I think that's why I like it so much. It is a bit tight though. Sheesh my mom had the tiniest waist!
I finally got the gray cardigan that I wanted. I have a feeling it'll be a staple in my closet starting..well today. I was actually taking photos outside, and it started to rain. So I took a couple pictures and then ran for cover.
Also looking for a good advanced point and shoot. I was thinking of purchasing this, but if any of you have good suggestions please do tell me!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wearing H&M peacoat, vintage tulle skirt as dress(tied with lace band), ws tshirt, mom's floral skirt as scarf, Emilie bag, Walmart tights, H&M gloves, and payless boots.

Yes I know, two posts in one day. You're just gonna have to deal with it. =] So today was super chilly(once again). I volunteered at a pancake breakfast at a retirement home, and then ate dim sum food. And yes, I got to eat pancakes at the breakfast. Yum.
I had to finish my photo project about urban decay, so I headed out with my warmest hat and gloves to take pictures. No, I didn't go take photos in this outfit. It would be a bit awkward if I was because I was photographing some super rusty fire hydrants.
I really like this skirt too. It would be such a great dress to do ballroom dancing in, well if I knew how to. I wrapped this thin skirt as a scarf! Yes, that was a bit weird but I just really love the pattern. Recycle and reuse right?

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Wearing F21 striped top, Urban Outfitters tunic, DIYed studded jacket(inside), F21 scarf, Steve Madden boots, Emilie bag, fingerless gloves from H&M, and tights from Walmart.

Winter is coming closer and closer. In New England, it seems like winter is the longest season. Fall seems to be about two months, and then it's over in a jiffy. Why does my favorite season have to be the shortest? It's already dropped to the 40Fs and I'm relying on my little heater in my room because our heat doesn't work yet. Fantastic.

I recommend coming to Boston at least once in your life during the fall. The trees are really pretty in the Common. Yes it does seem like an odd time to go, but hey, at least there's good shopping down the street.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fringe Fringe Fringe!

I just took the PSATs in the morning today. Getting up before 7am on Saturdays is overkill. My brain is slowly starting to melt...
On a happier note, I've been craving a fringey bag. Mostly brown as you can see. The first one is from Urban Outfitters, and it also comes in a turqoisey color, which was in my earlier post about going out to Boston. The second is from Aldo Accessories, and its leather.. HM. I gotta start saving asap. Yeah, I know that I keep saying that but never actually do it.
So, I dragged my mom with me to H&M and YES I finally got the gray cardigan I wanted. I also got some fingerless gloves. They're also called Oliver Twist gloves no? PROMISE for updates tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coco Mademoiselle

So I was thinking more about my so called Halloween costume. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the dress, but maybe it might work, with some minor adjustments! I was thinking of being Coco Chanel or maybe using the lacy dress as "a black widow" as Melissa from Sex and Coffee said. Thanks, it was a great idea.

I'm heading over to the Garment District in Cambridge to get some Halloween stuff. I heard it's super crowded the week before, so I'd rather go early and not get trampled! Sorry about the lack of outfit postings. I'll be sure to post some up soon.

P.S. It's going to be in the 40s-50Fs tomorrow! I get to wear my peacoat. Yes!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Ridiculous Amount

Wearing long sleeved cardigan from F21, sleeveless cardigan from Old navy, F21 studded belt, homemade ruffled tank, black jeans by Iris, converse sneakers, and Fendi bag.

Today my dad took me to the local Walmart. I seriously spend ridiculous amounts of money on random things I pass by. I found knit gray tights for five dollars!! I was so excited. I also grabbed the October issue of Vogue, some foundation, and gum. I love this Fendi bag. It actually belongs to my mom..and she'd probably kill me if she knew I was holding it. But I just love the structure of the bag. It adds a classic and put together look on anay outfit.

I've been brainstorming ideas for Halloween, and I found this dress and a lace glove in the back of my mom's closet. I have no idea where she could have worn this, but I'm happy I found it. There was only one lace glove. I'm not really sure what decade this slipped my mind. The band is actually made of lace and I shortened the dress by a lot. What kind of women wore lace gloves and lots of sexy black dresses..? Hm.. So...anybody know how I would identify this "costume" as?

Time flys by

Wearing a clock charm necklace, gray sweater, graphic tank, and skirt, all from F21. Flower on bag from H&M, scarf from Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden boots.

It's crazy how time flies by. I remember when I was in middle school already worrying about my future self in high school. Anyways, I got this really cute necklace at Forever 21. It was pretty close to the compass necklace I wanted from Urban Outfitters that other time..for about 1/3 of the price.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 hours of hard labor

I am wearing a sleeveless turtleneck from F21, a vintage belt, a skirt from target, gray sheer tights[which you can't really see in the pictures], hand me down handbag and scarf, and sipping a french vanilla iced coffee from dunkies.

Today was again another major shopping day. My mom and I headed over to the mall after waking up at 12pm. I love long weekends. I went straight to Forever 21, very predictable of me. I actually only went to three stores: F21, H&M, and Wet Seal. I got a slouchy gray sweater from F21, which I want to add zippers to get an A.Wang look. But my mom was talking about how difficult it is to put them in.. I'll figure it out. I got this necklace with a little clock on it. Ever since going to Urban Outfitters I wanted some kind of brass colored necklace with a little compass. The cardigan I yearned for at H&M ran out of my size. So then I went over to Wet Seal, which I don't really go to anymore. I just got a white tank for my DIY project.
After SEVERAL hours of long labor on the DIY, I finally got my tank to look like the above. The ruffles/rosettes took forever. I wanted to add more but it would take a century, so I left it at that. I also added a thin band at the bottom to give it a bit of shape. The picture isn't that great, so I'll debut it soon in my next entry.
Have I mentioned my love for Dunkies? Unlike others, I'm not much of a Starbucks person. I got a Cafe Mocha yesterday and it wasnt exactly heaven. The blueberry lowfat loaf was super sugary, which was weird. I guess it's just those substitute sugars..yuck. Sorry to all the Starbucks fans. Just not a huge fan myself. I really need another iced coffee..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally, shopping!

After an entire week of absolute torture at school, I finally got to do some shopping! So, today after my fashion design course, my mom and I headed over to this shopping center called South Bay, in Boston. She went over to Marshalls and I went to Target. I wished I had gone there when Richard Chai had his August collection there. I really wanted that blue flower dress I saw on some advertisements. I actually bought a baby floral ruffle skirt. I'm usually not into baby florals that much but I really like it!
After that I walked over to Old Navy. I probably haven't been in that store for years.. I was browsing through the sale rack and bought this cute sleeveless nautical cardigan for $9.99. Score. Then came TJ Maxx, where I purchased a gray handbag. I'm actually kind of regreting it right now, and wished I had taken the extra long black cardigan I yearned for.. I bet I'm going to exchange it. I always, ALWAYS keep all my receipts, knowing my very easily mercurial fashion mind.

I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poison Ivy

I'm wearing a Jolt blazer, F21 cardigan underneath, vintage scarf, gray jeans from Urban Behavior, and flats from Urban Outfitters.

I'm sorry for being so lacking on updates this week. School life is again, taking over pretty much everything. I can't even remember a day when I'm just sitting around with nothing to do. Oh, I miss the good ol' days. So, it's only getting colder and colder by the day. It's so hard to wear tights because the inside of my school is always so cold. I'm talking about 10F or more less than the normal room temperature. It makes me so cold I can't even concentrate. Maybe it'll be warmer tomorrow.. Also, I haven't worn these wide-legs in too long. Ever since last year, I've been pretty much living on my skinnies.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Ready

Of course I was rummaging instead of doing my homework. So typical of me. I was just getting some inspiration before I head there tomorrow, hopefully with my mom. I really want one of those slub's very Alexander Wang. I also want shoes with some kind of straps on it. I can never find ANY shoes in my size. Damn.
I thought the wayfarers were rad. There was also a black with white strips, but I thought that one looked cooler. I need a black skirt too..A pencil one. It's only $11 or something at F21.. incredible! It'll probably pay off itself.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cutting School

Just kidding, I'm not cutting school. But I am on a field trip in Boston. Yayy. We went to Haymarket and Fanuiel Hall. It was for my photo class, and we were shooting architecture. I only had 24 exposures and I don't think it was my best roll. I found the best shots when I ran out of film. Sadly.
The one thing I love about Fanuiel Hall is that it has an Urban Outfitters. They have the cutest stuff, and I saw two bags that caught my attention: the clutch-like bronze bag and the turquoise fringe bag. Too bad I couldn't afford either of them. After purchasing a sundae at Mickey D's and a slice of cheese from Pizzeria Regina I had the grand total of one dollar. I really have to start saving.
Mi mejor amiga, Heidi, and I were looking around and pretended to be tourists by taking a ridiculous amount of photos of each other. Also, no, I have no idea what the huge red lollipop is. Maybe it's a huge red lollipop. Who knows? The third picture is one of my favorites. After I ran out of film, I had my digital, so I figured what the heck and just snapped a few. I learned that my boots were flatter than I thought. I'm going to stop at payless and get some of those cushion-y pads soon.

I'm wearing a F21 jacket, a F21 tank, Steve Madden boots, H&M belt and bag, refuge jeans, and old scarf.
Heidi's wearing a F21 jacket and my vintage scarf. I don't know where she got the rest of her outfit..