Friday, October 22, 2010

The North End

DSCN5789 copyrelaxDSCN6050 copyDSCN5873 copy
photos by my buddies Nancy, Stephanie, and Vicky... Wearing Old Navy coat, H&M skirt, random tights, Payless pumps, H&M armwarmers, Urban Outfitters hat, Aldo bag, mom's scarf

Hello internet! Long time no see? I've been catching up on old Youtube videos(Kevjumba is my favorite, gotta love those old school dance intros. Anyone a fan?) errrr I mean, doing college applications! To be honest, I have been doing that, but I get distracted. Occasionally. You know. I'm already done with my essay so I just need to some tweeking and out they go! Dang, my entire lower education just for that college acceptance letter. Colleges should come recruiting us.
Anyways, these pics are from a film noir project I'm doing in my photo class. My friends and I went running around the North End today while drowling over Mike's Pastry's cannolis and downing a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa. Mm mm good. I don't understand how people wear tights in the winter. I absolutely can't handle it. Legit. It's SO cold, it's like not wearing any pants. I had to wear tights, then another layer of American Apparel thigh high socks. Now THOSE are warm..up until the temperatures drop to 40F. Then I'm like F this, I want pants. I can only be girly for so long.. Then it's about survival.

OMG. Kev and Ryan ;)
best crew

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pure Awesomeness

DSCN5333 copyDSCN5334 copyDSCN5340 copyDSCN5354 copyDSCN5350 copy

Wearing Express sweater, scarf from Las Vegas, Payless boots, H&M headband, awesome vintage necklace from Boston Sowa Open Market

School has been driving me bonkers but today was the perfect Sunday. There was a birthday dinner consisting of salmon, birthday cake, and fried cheesecake(I know! They have that!). I've lost the amount of calories I consumed today.. For some reason I actually finished my entree today, weird right? I'm always having leftovers or feel like some overstuffed turkey.

I didn't notice that I was channeling Halloween colors until now. This is how my Sunday wardrobe goes: hmm lemme see what's in my closet.. oooo comfy sweater! ok. sounds good.. mm colorful scarf! alright. awesome. woo.

And did anyone notice my necklace of pure awesomeness? It's like jewels and danglys and vintage goodness all packed in one. When I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. The guy selling it said 12 bucks, my mom attempted to bargain with 8 bucks.. guy says 10 bucks, mom says no.. Then I'm like MOM! Cause she was walking away from it, saying no. And then I go back and pay 10 bucks for it. So now here is my awesomeness on my neck. Woooo. It makes me happy. Each side has different color stones, but I didn't get to photograph both sides. I'm so sad that the Sowa Open Market isn't going to be open for long. Outside there is local food and then there are vintage goodies like suitcases, furniture, jewelry, hats, all that jazz. I saw a wool wide rimmed hat that I wanted but my mom was like, "isn't that for men?", and I'm like, " what?" But of course she didn't buy it because well, it was her money. Oh boy, I need a job.