Monday, November 30, 2009

Perhaps Too Pink

cross process pink skirtCIMG3152
Wearing H&M mens sweater, Gap tee, F21 skirt, Aldo convertible clutch, H&M scarf, Sam Edelman flats

So, I use to be strangely proud of not enjoying the color pink so much. I think it was one of my friend's opinions that changed mine. I remember her saying: "pink is such an artifical color..that's why I don't like it!" And so, I was influenced by what she said. We all don't like to admit that we are easily influenced and affected by these small opinions but where would we be without our friends' opinions? And so, I've avoided pink for some time. You can look into my wardrobe and the closest to pink you would find is gray(no I'm not kidding). It was not until one day I was going around in Forever21 and spotted this skirt. I was the kind of vibrant pink I would deliberately shun..but for some reason it I was drawn to it. It was like a bowl of curry in front of my face with an empty stomach. Terribly difficult to not overindulge. And even one of my close friends noticed and said, "Franny! You're wearing pink!"
I hope you enjoyed my lame story.
Anyways, moving on.. How were your Thanksgivings? I normally didn't have turkey but a simple dinner then a gathering of my relatives to hotpot. We spent the entire night being fascinated with my cousin's WiiFit game, especially when my cousin(a he), did the super hula hoop game with unnecessary spazzing dance moves. My dad was so amused that the next day we got the game ourselves! Other than that I just stayed at home and randomly painted on some new canvases I bought at Michael's on Black Friday. Yes, I buy art supplies on the biggest sale day of the year instead of electronics.
Besides playing video games and painting, I probably spent the rest of my short vacation watching all the Sex and the City episodes. I've seen the movie a good twenty times but I never watched the seasons, so I decided to start now. I'm already at the third season so I consider that an accomplishment. Anyways, I've got to go finish my mission(watching more tv).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bits and Bobs and Turkey

A couple of my favorite pictures of the moment that I just wanted to share.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turquoise Skies

Gray shorts
Wearing NewYorkandCompany sweater, F21 trousers I cut into shorts, American Apparel thigh high socks

Super simple outfit for a day of shopping. Nothing's better than an almost all-day shopping spree with a best friend. Honestly, I spent too much time at the local mall burning calories as I wander and having mango chicken samples from the thai mall food. Those combos they offer are impossibly too much for even two people..but who's going to complain? Besides that, we ran across stacks of turquoise-y bracelets that would look great with a simple tee on my lazy days. Maybe I'll add that to my mental Christmas wishlist..
I'm trying to find a perfect pair of flat, short ankle boots that I can wear all winter. I was thinking maybe these from Nine West..what do you think?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin;

Wearing H&M shirt, Forever21 dress as skirt, vintage wide belt, H&M scarf, random tights, weird facial expressions

Hi there. How's life? Pretty good, thanks.

I think my friends and I were playing American Idol too long on my playstation 2. We spent a good one or two hours shouting and harmonizing(more shouting actually) to classic songs like Alone, Build me a Buttercup, and Saving all my Love for You. When Proud Mary came on, we did some crazy dance where we have to do the wheel motion and bob our heads violently to the music. Fun? Yes. Necessary? No, not really.
This was a randomly thrown together outfit the other day. Sometimes waking up half an hour late doesn't give me much time to apply lotion and just put my folders in my backpack. I've been starting to consider animal prints lately.. I don't own much, except for this dress, maybe one top, and a scarf. What do you think about mixing prints? Have you noticed the similarity between the last post and this one? It's got to be the brenton stripes.. They are too versatile and it's particularly difficult for me to let go of them. I'm still stopping myself from wearing that Gap sweater tomorrow. Must..resist...
Afterschool, I went to my eye doctor's. Lately, my right eye(yes, just the right) has been awkwardly blurry. I detest straining to see pre-calculus problems on the board so I thought it was about time to go. I have these special contact lens that I wear overnight. They fix my vision and somehow reshape my eyeball(yes, I know this sounds weird). I always try to explain this to my friends..but maybe this will do the job: click
Other than being partly blurry-eyed, I've been doing some painting. Nothing like studio art, it's more like leisure time on the coffee table staring at a screen for a good five hours watching reruns of Rush Hour 3, Marley and Me, and whatever is on HBO. The best days are spent doing things that are pointless and completely a waste of time.

Have a great weekend :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Early Christmas List: Books Worthy of the Coffee Table

The more I browse Amazon, the more unhealthy it is for me, seriously. Here's a little shorty list of my lust list of books(so I can keep tabs for myself mostly):

A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart- A photography collaboration book between two friends who are separated by thousands of miles. Each day they take a photograph. They are simple, pretty, and peaceful, but the most surprising thing about it is that on some days there are similarities--showing that no matter how far friends are apart, they are still close in heart.

The Sartorialist - 512 pages of Streetstyle by Scott Schuman. Need I say more?

The Teen Vogue Handbook- Looks interesting and useful for a girl like me. I'm ready to enter the Fashion World and maybe this book will be of help. Does anyone know if it is any good?

My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating, and Dreaming - Sure, this isn't a coffee table book but it's cute and I miss that little girl in me who used to color. Why not unleash my inner child?

I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style - I've never owned any style how-to books, but I've read a few. I've read the Nina Garcia series, but I haven't taken a look at the WhoWhatWear one. Does anyone have a review of that one? Well, this one just seems like a good starter to my soon expanding collection.

Insults and Comebacks for All Occasions - This one just seems like a hoot. It looks hilarious and there really is no point of owning it.. but that's never really stopped me from buying a book anyways.

Keel's Simple Diary - Okay, I know I have completely shifted from Coffee table books to books I just want. Or a diary in this case. But I love how simple this diary is. I never remember or feel as though I have to write too much to fill my diary that I stop doing it. Maybe this little thing will pick me up where I started.

Tell me if you've personally enjoyed any of these books or if you are interested in any of them. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

PS. I've decided to start anew with the labels. Do you think this is a good idea?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter's Calling, but I don't want to Answer






Gap sweater, beads from my friend, H&M scarf, Aldo accessories bag, navy tights from Walmart, Payless oxfords

I was browsing around the mall when I saw this XL Gap sweater. I've seen it once before and on Veteran's Day there were discounts. I couldn't help myself. It's versatile and I just want to wear it all the time(I'll refrain myself). Well, I already wore it twice in one week and made them into two little variations. They aren't that different, but when I have to wake at 6:30am and also working with my extreme laziness on a Sunday, this is as close as it gets.
If you were wondering who that woman is in the picture, it's actually my mom making a little appearance. If she ever sees this, she'll probably kill me. My mom is very picky about pictures and it has to look perfect before it is displayed. Sometimes my mom and I are so different but we do share a love for Italian pastries. Although most of the time she can't really remember the difference between the words "cannoli" and "bologna".
So, who is already starting Holiday shopping? I'm thinking about starting before Thanksgiving. I love the holiday rush, but sometimes it is just too stressful and overwhelming. Those flashbacks of lining up for 20 minutes in a crowded, stuffy store is a little too much for me this year. I think I should just shop on etsy and save myself some time and effort. :)

Time to finally start my homework!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woah wait...what?!

Please tell me you haven't forgotten me!
Yes, that's right I'm back in the blogosphere after how long...well, it's been a long time. No I haven't shun the internet entirely. I have been visiting blogs every so often and check my bloglovin' daily of course but I feel a bit disconnected from one of the reasons to why I love fashion so much--the everyday styles of bloggers like myself(well, what I use to be and now will be again!). It's one thing to just see, but it's another thing to be part of it and I miss it now. I'm hoping you don't hold my uber long hiatus against me!

PS. I'll be updating very soon with my (not so) fabulous life.

PPS. I will also be fixing up my blog. Yuck, it's a mess.

PPPS. (I promise to stop after this one) I might move my blog over to another one, but it's still on blogger. I'll let you know :)