Sunday, May 30, 2010

Digital Manipulation

So last week in my Photo class, we were doing a project in Digital Manipulations to photos on photoshop. I usually don't like to add too much razzle and dazzle to photos rather than fixing the levels, curves, color balance..ladeda. But these effects are pretty interesting and cool when you use them right. There are cinema-like photos(professional looks for a girl who spends all her money on clothes and food), water'll have to see :)
One more thing! I found this cool site that will plant a tree if you have a little button on your blog, so I've placed one on my sidebar------>
This program plants a tree to neutralize your carbon footprint. Imagine how much CO2 we produce while we are blogging away and surfing facebook for no reason. Check it out and get involved. It's a great little something to do that takes barely any time at all.

Here's my photography:
three very different versions of one photograph!
remember this? scroll down a knoch. BAM watercolor-fied. No paint needed.

I will take some outfit photos this week(right after I digest this weekend's BBQ fest).
By the way..I'm 17!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrice is always Nice

wearing H&M dress

Yikes, I've not been updating lately. What have I been doing?'s not a ton of homework, that for sure. So what have I really been doing? Not so sure.. Oh right. Eating ice cream. I bought/ate ice cream three times this week. There goes all my money.
I've actually been taking a bunch of street photography earlier this week and would love to share them with you soon! I actually had an entire body shot of my junior prom dress(from H&M), but for some reason the file didn't convert to jpg so I can't upload it yet. I went into my photo room during study to do some photoshop on these couple photos. How I wish I had photoshop! If only it didn't cost that much. :(
I'm actually excited for junior prom. Why? Dressing up. I have June SAT the next day. Not good. We'll see how that goes...

One week until I'm 17 :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am a Search Engine.

DSCN0742DSCN0741MagnetsSearch EngineA Little Crafty

I finally got my May SATs over with! Whew! I'm going to retake it in June..but let's just worry about that later. Standardized tests are such a pain.
I wore this but as a shorter version(belts can do miracles), and let it down later when we went for Thai food. While I was outside waiting for my mom, some guy on a bike(creepy guy with sunglasses) passes by and stares at me. Then he eventually goes back the other way and says, "hello....". Creepy. I'm not wearing this dress around there anymore.
I spent the rest of my day making glass chip magnets. I found a huge pack of glass chips in the sale section at TJ Maxx(so random right?) and got them for $4.50. Yes! Arts and crafts! I thought of selling my magnets once but figured no one would buy them, so I just make them for my desk.

Wearing Old Navy maxidress.