Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Blackberry can do Wonders

No outfit posts this week, sorry! But here are a bunch of photos I took with my Blackberry during the week. I'm finally done with midterms so this weekend is carefree! I think every weekend should be a long weekend.
Above are shots of the Museum of Fine Arts, pizza from Bostone Pizza on Newbury Street in Boston(I recommend it if you ever stop by!) and my friends sitting in Borders reading random books. Pretty good week if you ask me :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leftovers of the Season

Wearing Target white pocket tee, Gap cardigan, H&M scarf, American Eagle trousers, Sam Edelman flats, Aldo bag, random polka dot belt

Please excuse my strange expression in the first photo. I ask my mom to help me takes outfit photos on the weekends since assembling and using my old tripod(not to mention it has one short leg) would take half an hour or so.
Sunday calls for my most casual and classic outfits--the standard white tee, cardigan and khaki trouser combo. It never fails me. Plus, I don't have to worry about taking off a billion layers while trying on clothing at the mall. In the wintertime, it's the worst.
I have to get ready to take my midterms this following week, so I'll be hard at work..or hardly working. Maybe both?

Thanks for all the comments everyone! I really appreciate your feedback and I love hearing from you so don't hesitate :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tick Tock(Tik Tok?)

Wearing H&M coat, Jones New York scarf, Payless boots, AA thigh high socks, homemade dress, Gap sweater, H&M mittens

I have to admit it's very difficult to dress exciting(and excitingly) when it's clearly below freezing. I have to wear so many layers that the only body parts you see that show skin are around my eyes. So, there's the reason to why I've been dressing like a sack of clothes all piled onto one person. The picture above is on the day I had a ride so you can see my face.
Basically all I've been doing lately is school school school because midterms are coming up. On Saturdays though I am now taking a painting class at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I'm an amateur at the class and I'm just there to have fun. I actually got motivated to take one after reading an essay in Fiske's Real College Essays That Work. Kind of corny right?

images via Google

To balance my lack of outfit pictures this week(and last week) I'm presenting you with my photos I took in my Renaissance photography class at school. We are making abstract photographs with ice and food coloring and I got some cool results. I got food coloring all over my hands that won't come off. Just in case you guys ever play with food coloring, wear gloves! I also have paint on me pretty much I'm my own canvas or something.. Anyways, back to the photos....I actually did not photoshop them yet, but here are two samples:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Sky is Clearing up! DARN.

Cross ProcessCinemaMe and the SnowWrap aroundJump!
Mom and SkyMom and Snow

The snowing was falling lightly since last night. If only it was snowing until the next morning, heavily. So I would have no school. Sniff. If vacation wasn't ending, I wouldn't really care much for the snow..
So today I convinced my mom to take me to the beach(yes I know that it is winter) for my photo project focusing on panoramic photos. I tried to take some pictures of the ocean. The islands in the background almost looked like mountains. Man, I wish we had a mountain view from Massachusetts. When I was in Seattle, I marveled at the mountains I could see in the distance. I thought it was soo cool, but my friend who lived there was used to it(like I am used to heavy snow and strange New England weather..). Anyways, after a bit my mom wanted me to take some pictures and we got to do some outfit photos. Today was almost the perfect day, following with PizzaHut and European pastries..

If you were wondering about all the photo effects, let's just say I got bored and messed around with


Wearing Guess by Marciano boots, H&M jeans, vintage coat, H&M scarf, Ray-Bans sunglasses, vintage oversized cardigan, Target long sleeve inside

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Decade

Wearing Urban Outfitters dress via Buffalo Exchange, Payless boots, Coach clutch, vintage Ralph Lauren denim shirt

Can you believe it's another year already? The countdown to midnight went so quick I barely realized it was a new year. I always see these New Yorkers having the time of their lives watching the Apple drop and absorbing everybody's energies---which I want to do one day! It looks like too much fun to miss. I normally don't like taking photos inside but it was actually snow showering outside.
I found everything I wore today from secondhand shops. I have a knack for finding stuff for good prices(well, at least I hope so!). I got the denim shirt and Coach bag for the total of $24. YEAH NO KIDDING. I had a 50% coupon with me, and I swear the bag was underpriced because it was in the best condition! The dress I got at a Buffalo Exchange with the tag and everything from UO for $17.50! It's the perfect spring dress..but I couldn't wait until then. I know what I will wear on my birthday :) Anyways..Oh god, I'm so full right now. I had two pastries going on three a big ass bowl of soup. New Years equals more reasons for me to eat. Yum.
So I decided this year I wasn't going to make a resolution. Usually, it's 'don't spend so much', but I don't think I'll include that one this year.. haha. It never quite works..

Happy 2010!