Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stupid Thoughts

Here's another selection of photos from New York! I have tons, so I can't possibly post them all, but if you want to sneak a peek at my adventures, check out my Flickr photostream(on the right sidebar). It took me awhile to post up these pictures mostly out of laziness and the fact that I had to upgrade on Flickr(I've already used 200 photos?!). Seriously, I take up so much space on my computer with photos that perhaps I'll just squish it all into my Flickr Pro account. One thing that scares me is that someone has estimated that the internet will not last long because of the exceeded bandwidths..and soon it will be gone. GONE. What will happen to the world of blogging? It's so difficult to imagine that our precious internet could possibly disappear all of a sudden. Everyone counts on the shop managers, us bloggers, corporate people... But then again, no internet would sure give me a hell of a lot of free time..HM what to do with all that time? The internet sure does consume time and drive us nuts at certain times..

image via Sparknotes


Here comes photo vomit--a huge array of random snapshots of New York.
Stupid Thoughts
I never figured restaurants would ever charge a set tip fee on the bill until I came to this place, Thai...69 or 59 or something. It's on 51st street. The waitress fumbled with my spoon and it fell into my noodles that just came out, and also my scrunched chopstick wrapper also fell in. She took it and said she'd get me a new one. Oh please, we all know you'll bring the same thing back.. I'm not testy with these things; they are accidents. But they charged us 18% tip on our bill already, like we had to pay it. I thought it was outrageous. I've never seen a set tip for two people at a teeny restaurant(it was pretty much a hole in the wall restaurant). Goodness!
Spring in Bryant Park
A little trip to Lombardi's with my dad. Apparently, it's the first pizzeria in America. What prestige! It's like being at Harvard! Ha, no not really. But the pizza is good.
Cutest kid ever in Washington Sq. Park.
Morning CoffeePanning
A terrible attempt at panning..
Top of the Rock
No idea what these two are doing..they look like they are filming one another. But why is he on the ground?
DSCN0391Empire Cross Process

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Glimpse of the Big City

I can't believe vacation was over so quickly! I took hundreds of photos in New York with my new camera. I have a soft spot for street photography, so you will see a whole lot of it. Here's a little snippet of my New York City visit and some of my favorite shots.. I will post more later this week!

clock ring from TopShop!
Our cute little hotel room at the Pod Hotel.
I'm so in love with that girl's bag. I wasn't able to snap a photo of her from the front, but I guarantee you that her hair was fabulous(both of them actually)!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Wearing F21 hoodie, Target tee, Urban Outfitters jeans, UO Kimchi blue Tstrap flats

Casual outfit yesterday. I got to testing out my new camera! The lighting was just great yesterday, and I can't wait to shoot some more photos. It might not be a DSLR, but it's coming close enough for me. It's a Nikon P90 Coolpix 12.1 MP. Valerie W. from Beauty and the Budget asked me if I prefered Nikon, and to be honest, I don't have any preference. I've used Fuji and Casio for digital cameras and Olympus and Canon for film, and now Nikon. I don't really swear by any brand and think it's best to find what suits me by using whatever comes my way. By the way, are the sizes of the photos okay? I am thinking about changing the layout.
Big News! Well, for me. I'm going to stay in New York City for three days for vacation next week! *happy dance* I haven't been to NYC since three years ago, so I just can't wait to go back and experience it. I'm going to visit a couple colleges in the city and one in Poughkeepsie. So it's going to be..Marist, NYU, Parsons, and FIT. I am definitely going to dive into the Boston college pool soon, but not yet. I'd much rather roam New York and drag my dad around to every shop(sorry dad...I love you!). Too bad my mom couldn't come with us. Inside, she's a huge shopaholic but she holds it in to set a good example.. I'm telling you, it's the genetics.
I've been going on expedia to look for budget hotels and can't quite pick which one to stay at. I found the Pod Hotel, which is kind of dorm-like. It's inexpensive and not terrible...I mean, who's going to be staying in their hotel room all-day when you're in midtown Manhattan? Right. I'm just a tad skeptical to whether or not my dad will fit in a twin bed.. he's pretty tall. Oh well, you get what you pay for. I'd rather save $100 and use that on food and shoes. :)

One more thing! I was messing around with the blogger template and all of my links got erased! I can't remember them all, so if you'd like to exchange links, I would be happy to add you to my list. Just leave a comment with your blog url. I'd love to network :)

And lastly, a cool photo. Nikon's okay with the low lighting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Habits..Bad Habits..

Upclose NecklaceFlorals and Belt
Wearing vintage floral dress from Etsy, vintage belt, H&M gold necklace, Lucky Brand magnifying glass necklace, H&M scarf, F21 cardigan, H&M faux leather jacket, random tights, Sam Edelman flats

So, today I tried to mix up my backgrounds in my photos and ventured to the depths of my backyard(uh, kind of). There's this one section where it's all trees and leaves, and I thought, hey! Nature! That would look great.. Instead of capturing incredible pictures, my flats sunk into piles and piles of leaves. I spent a couple minutes fishing out the acorn leftovers and leaf bits in my already dying flats. I'm the kind of person who likes to get my money out of something, as in "use it until it dies". I think my flats may have reached that stage. I bought it about one year ago and I've tortured it through miles of terrain, but it just might be time for these babies to retire. *tear tear*
I don't really own anything floral, but this little dress was quite charming! I couldn't resist it on etsy, so I had to buy it. It makes me feel so wonderfully girly. The pictures of the dress didn't come out as well I wish they did because the sun was going down, but hopefully I won't need long sleeves soon for this dress.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Northern Lights and Skies

Northeastern LightsA little sun A little shadownHighway to Heaven
Skies and  BranchesStreams
I have to admit that I have the biggest weakness for beautiful sunsets. I'm the dork that would just stare up at the sky until it fades to black and just look up while I am walking and just keep saying "wow.." until all my words slur into one.
This one day had the most beautiful skies. I was happy that I was able to take a couple snapshots with my Blackberry(I didn't bring my camera along), but the photos came out magnificent. I highly recommend the Blackberry Curve 8900 for photos...fantastic! But maybe it's not the camera that's the best.. Perhaps it is just nature itself..

Do you guys enjoy sunsets?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skeleton Key

A little shadeA little sunA little bone
Wearing H&M Garden Collection blazer, DIY skeleton tee, H&M scarf, H&M necklace, studded DIY shorts from Marshalls, Sam Edelman flats, F21 sunglasses

This outfit is from yesterday when the sun was shining yet again. Today is rather gloomy and looks as if the sky is about to tear up and release its wrath on innocent citizens(but I guess this is what we get for global warming?). I was actually wearing my American Apparel swirly tights with this outfit, but I had taken them off and then realized that I was going to take an outfit photo. For some reason my legs and skin looks very bronze in these photos... In real life my skin is more like stale yellowish-tannish-beigeish.
If you haven't seen H&M Garden Collection, I wanted to show you one piece. I have been looking for a good neutral, comfortable blazer for who knows how long when I stumbled upon this blazer when I was not initially going to buy anything(tsktsk Francesca!). Blazers' shoulders usually ride up when I move my arms and I can barely lift my hands above my head without the entire garment going upwards too. I was so surprised when I found it because I guess it was as good as it was going to get at $34.95. I can see myself pairing it with almost anything and everything.
The tee I am wearing has a cutout shape in the back resembling something like a skeleton. I was thinking about selling them and making them when my friend, Karen, was obsessed with its cutouts.
If I am willing to make them to sell(whenever I have time), would anyone be interested in purchasing one?

Happy...Tuesday! (I thought it was Wednesday for a second, oops.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Third Degree Burn

April SunshineCIMG5377CIMG5378
Pesto Pasta
Bacon Pizza

Wow! The weather in Boston has been crazy lately. I remember last week when the rain was pouring nonstop and now its all sunshine and butterflies and buttercups. Last weekend, the temperatures hit 75F and I finally got to wear something other than rainboots and a poncho-like jacket. Did I mention that I went to Target just to buy a random pair of rainboots? I was afraid of completely submerged my red converse shoes in a huge puddle again. I am absolutely terrible with extreme temperatures and weather. As you can tell, my face in the first photo is less than pleasant. Too hot, too cold, too wet..they all don't quite work well with me.
The sunlight was so bright that I barely had to edit my photos. I originally posted them without edits but some shadier parts bothered me, so my OCD fixed them up
. If you take a look at my head, there happens to be a little flash of red. That's right. I've highlighted my hair with a reddish-violet hue. You can't really see the color well in these photos but I will take better photos soon.
The shoes in the fourth photo is Michael Kors. I'm fond of MK, I have to say. I like classic, contemporary things. The rest are photos from a dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. It was my friends' idea to eat there. I personally think the place is overpriced. The food is just okay for me... Must try some new places later.

Wearing slip dress from Marshalls, vintage crochet short sleeve cardigan, bag from Aldo, Rampage slingbacks, Ray-Ban wayfarers