Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Decade

Wearing Urban Outfitters dress via Buffalo Exchange, Payless boots, Coach clutch, vintage Ralph Lauren denim shirt

Can you believe it's another year already? The countdown to midnight went so quick I barely realized it was a new year. I always see these New Yorkers having the time of their lives watching the Apple drop and absorbing everybody's energies---which I want to do one day! It looks like too much fun to miss. I normally don't like taking photos inside but it was actually snow showering outside.
I found everything I wore today from secondhand shops. I have a knack for finding stuff for good prices(well, at least I hope so!). I got the denim shirt and Coach bag for the total of $24. YEAH NO KIDDING. I had a 50% coupon with me, and I swear the bag was underpriced because it was in the best condition! The dress I got at a Buffalo Exchange with the tag and everything from UO for $17.50! It's the perfect spring dress..but I couldn't wait until then. I know what I will wear on my birthday :) Anyways..Oh god, I'm so full right now. I had two pastries going on three a big ass bowl of soup. New Years equals more reasons for me to eat. Yum.
So I decided this year I wasn't going to make a resolution. Usually, it's 'don't spend so much', but I don't think I'll include that one this year.. haha. It never quite works..

Happy 2010!


Behind The Seams said...

happy new year also! lovely look btw! =)

mel said...

amazing ring!!
have fun

Every Little Counts said...

cute dress...and i LOVE the zebra painting!

C =) said...

Happy New Year!
I love the dress.

katy said...

heehee, I have the same ring.

great style xD