Friday, October 22, 2010

The North End

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photos by my buddies Nancy, Stephanie, and Vicky... Wearing Old Navy coat, H&M skirt, random tights, Payless pumps, H&M armwarmers, Urban Outfitters hat, Aldo bag, mom's scarf

Hello internet! Long time no see? I've been catching up on old Youtube videos(Kevjumba is my favorite, gotta love those old school dance intros. Anyone a fan?) errrr I mean, doing college applications! To be honest, I have been doing that, but I get distracted. Occasionally. You know. I'm already done with my essay so I just need to some tweeking and out they go! Dang, my entire lower education just for that college acceptance letter. Colleges should come recruiting us.
Anyways, these pics are from a film noir project I'm doing in my photo class. My friends and I went running around the North End today while drowling over Mike's Pastry's cannolis and downing a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa. Mm mm good. I don't understand how people wear tights in the winter. I absolutely can't handle it. Legit. It's SO cold, it's like not wearing any pants. I had to wear tights, then another layer of American Apparel thigh high socks. Now THOSE are warm..up until the temperatures drop to 40F. Then I'm like F this, I want pants. I can only be girly for so long.. Then it's about survival.

OMG. Kev and Ryan ;)
best crew


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your b+w pics, they are so pretty. I gotta agree with the super cozy aa thigh high socks, they are the only way :) xx

Raez said...

so chic;) love the fedora!

xx raez

atelier said...

love the first photo!

A said...

These pictures are amazing!
What camera do you use?
Great blog!


oh!!! you look chic! I adore girls in hat!

martina said...

Cute cute outfit.
You're soooo good to making photos.


Noelle Chantal said...

Oh, pretty photos for the film project! And gosh, you look so chic in this outfit! Love the armwarmers and that coat plus hat. :)

Ana Larruy said...

thanks for your comment!
of course you can join my blog and follow it, feel free to do it :)
take care,

Lane Knight said...

Dig the wool fedora and chunky knit mittens!

lacee swan said...

that top photo is amazing! I love how it has your name in the sign?!! amaze.

Anonymous said...

So cute in that hat! :)


Anonymous said...

haha i love how you said i can only be girly for so long then its about survival. pure genius (:

feel free to check out the giveaway on my blog (:

Ana Larruy said...

thank you for your comment!
take care lovely,

Maria said...

Very cute. I likeee! :)