Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where have I been?! Good question.

Hello world! You may ask, where has this girl been up to recently(ahem the past 2 months per say)? Somehow, the days have whisked me away with college planning, scholarships, school, and work days. Sorry that I haven't been updating! Anyone miss me? No? Oh, ok then.
Anyways, I just wanted to update to say hi and inform you that in the next couple days, I will get off my ass and take some outfit pictures! It's actually been snowing like madness yesterday but hopefully my day to day outfits will not consist of a big puffy jacket, fur trapper hat, and layers upon layers that leave me to the size of a snowman.

New Year, New Clothes? Ha, I wish. I've been dying to hit up some thrift/vintage stores. Too bad they take over an hour by the train to get to. Plus all that salt from the snow are making my shoes wear down like tires on the racetrack.

I'll be back! :)


Anonymous said...

haha! i've been here a couple of times looking for a new outfit post, but no such luck! and yes, please come back so i can get inspired. :) hope you had a wonderful new years!

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