Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be Be Your Love


Hi Spring! I see you've finally decided to come after the long week of sleet and rainy days. It feels so good to be outside without feeling that cold air suffocating me everywhere I go. Now, it's like...I can breathe! That made no sense.
As you can probably tell, I've been a lazy ass ever since vacation. To be honest, all I've really been up to is "doing homework" and watch Prison Break. I was so obsessed with finishing watching the series that I couldn't focus on anything else. When I start to watch too much tv, it really hits me hard. When I get up, I get all dizzy and awkward because I've been sitting for too long and then I get "too much tv syndrome", where I'm stuck in some world where I feel that it's okay to lay around and not do any work until my study period. So yes, that's what I've been up to. Does anyone watch that show? Wentworth Miller is so good looking, haha. Okay, I'll stop now before the syndrome kicks in.
To celebrate this day of "spring", I wore some sheer tights? *gasp* What?! SHEER?! Yes, that's right. After slipping on some barely there tights, I headed to my class as usual and grabbed my usual chocolate chip cookie at Au Bon Pain. You know when you're going to grab the cookie with the wax paper, and you feel that it's obviously hard/too crisp, and then you just kind of move around and touch the other cookies to find the perfectly moist one? It's probably not a good thing to do, but who wants to purchase a unsatisfying cookie?
I just got an iTouch and I love it so much. Technology is too advanced. Now I can sit on my bed and check out blogs and talk on im without getting off my ass. It's great! Main reason why I got it.
The last two photos are of my colorsology reading based on my birthday. Apparently, my color is "pastel lilac". Interesting...I've always pictured myself as a darker shade of color. According to this, I'm partner-orientated, stylish, and funny. Haha, I've never really thought of myself as funny.

What color do you think you would be?

Wearing vintage long cardigan(that my mom claims is older than I am), Urban Outfitters tank, random self-studded jean shorts, American Apparel tights, Bakers boots, Aldo bag, Icing's scarf.


Vibe said...

I looove your tights. They're so pretty, hehe. And that oversized cardigan is amazing! And don't even get me started on Wentworth Miller and his attractiveness or I'll never stop... xD

As for my color... My birthday is the 14th of February... so I have a hard time seeing any other color than pink or red. Which is terrible ):

Julia M said...

I really like your pale yellow scarf, it looks so delicate but cosy at the same time.

I know what you mean about the sheer tights! I have to be in a brave or reckless mood to wear them, it's so cold here! Think it's getting warmer so I may bare my legs soon!

Melanie M said...

Gosh, your tights are AMAZING. Seriously! Also, your hair is tooooo rad! :)

Follow please? <3

C =) said...

Your hair looks really nice in those pictures! I like the tights and the shoes too! My birthday is in August, so I feel like that would be light pink or green. But I think I would be dark purple or turquoise or something! I kind of know what you mean about the too much tv syndrome, hahah =)

Lambswool Sweater said...

The cardy is amazing, love that it's older than you, just proves that somethings are timeless.

Frickys said...

Cool layering, hun!

yiqin; said...

Amazing tights.

trina's reality said...

Cool outfit! And I really want to check out the book! ;]

emily viveur said...

i love your tights and your sweater, oversized and comfy looking ones are my favorite!
hm...i hope i would be some shade of sunny yellow.