Monday, March 22, 2010

Lois Lane

I took these photos a while back, perhaps two weeks ago? Or maybe three... To be honest, I've just been so caught up in everything that time is just blurring into one vast clump of numbers and dates.
I was trying to get the guy in the second shot while in a car, so I just opened the window and pointed my camera right at him. You can probably tell what's coming. He turned and looked straight at me and my car was just driving away. He had the most confused and slightly violated expression on, like I had disrupted his peaceful walk. Oopsies. I just liked the scene. Plus, being a photographer, I can't help myself but capture little moments. Don't mind me...

Anyways, that's not what I intended on blogging about today. What I meant to focus on was my leadership program in my community. This program helps me to "discover unique careers", so we go on field trips to work sites and meeting up with my mentor. I actually just got off of an informational interview, where I am the one who gets to ask the questions about what someone in a particular career field does during the day and what kind of responsibilities there are. My mentor's name is Chazy(pronounced sha-zee) and she was so nice and so cultured and full of life. She told me she was turning 60 but I would never guess so because there's this certain liveliness in her that could make anyone love her.

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As I was saying, she's an editor for two regional newspapers(that are linked), and she said she started from the ground up. Chazy had begged for a position at her local newspaper to cover weddings after college. I asked her why and when she knew she wanted to work in the media field as an editor and she told me if she said why, I would laugh. Chazy said it was because of Lois Lane in Superman(she is a reporter in the comic series and later, movie). I thought it was the cutest thing! She had this little framed picture of a scene from the movie with an autograph by the original actress. She said to me that it was the way that newspapers and the media could reach out to people and reveal stories, truths, and understanding that led her to being an editor. I never quite looked at it that way. The media really could give the common people a "voice".
After two hours of talking, I feel so inspired to get out there and blog more, live more, and get more experiences. I want more magazines, read the newspaper, take more pictures...fill my life up of different elements and then essentially tie them all together one day for that one career that I will love.
I don't know if I want to do journalism, publishing, marketing, or design. All I know is that I want to find that one thing I'm passionate about.


C =) said...

Great photos!I like the second one a lot. That program sounds like a neat experience!

Erin said...

I love Lois Lane...used to get crossed eyed from watching Superman with Teri Hatcher on the telly every Saturday :)

Love love love,



emily viveur said...

i know what you mean, time seems to pass in clumps for me as well. i love the funny story behind the second photo!