Sunday, May 30, 2010

Digital Manipulation

So last week in my Photo class, we were doing a project in Digital Manipulations to photos on photoshop. I usually don't like to add too much razzle and dazzle to photos rather than fixing the levels, curves, color balance..ladeda. But these effects are pretty interesting and cool when you use them right. There are cinema-like photos(professional looks for a girl who spends all her money on clothes and food), water'll have to see :)
One more thing! I found this cool site that will plant a tree if you have a little button on your blog, so I've placed one on my sidebar------>
This program plants a tree to neutralize your carbon footprint. Imagine how much CO2 we produce while we are blogging away and surfing facebook for no reason. Check it out and get involved. It's a great little something to do that takes barely any time at all.

Here's my photography:
three very different versions of one photograph!
remember this? scroll down a knoch. BAM watercolor-fied. No paint needed.

I will take some outfit photos this week(right after I digest this weekend's BBQ fest).
By the way..I'm 17!


Pixie Dust said...

I see you entered my giveaway, but you are not a follower of my blog - if you wanna participate in my giveaway, you must become a follower!! :)

yiqin; said...

Awesome photos!!

STARR said...

Those are pretty fun looking!

Cecilia =) said...

Those effects look so cool!
And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I hope it was fun =)

julie said...

first photo - the best!