Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sex or the City?

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I'd have to choose...neither. How about Fashion instead? Sounds like a deal. So I'm going to be discussing one of my favorite tv shows/movies. Yes that's right, you guessed it! Prison Break! Ha, no I'm joking. Yes, I'm talking about Sex and the City. Did I get you?

Before I get started on my main topic, I'd like to note: I'm done with my Junior Year!! It feel so good to be done and enter a completely new world called 'summer'. At school, I felt like Nemo trapped in a fish tank, throughout the year struggling to make it down that drain to the Big Blue(in my case, summer vacation). And how fine it feels...freedom!

As I was saying, I've really grown attached to certain outfits through the first movie and would really like to share them. I've only seen the second movie once in theaters, so I can't say I've seen it enough to remember every outfit clearly enough. What I like to do is look back at the outfits and actually look at them. The thing about the movies is that each scene passes so quick that it is difficult to notice the small details. Instead of trying to imagine every outfit in my head, I'm going to show you in an assorted array of images. If you are not a SATC fan already, please check out the series. After watching the first movie a couple times, I was hooked and could not watch the series any faster.

I was instantly attracted to his outfit that she wears on Baby Rose's birth day. I couldn't find a better and bigger image of this, so this is the best I could do. I was looking through the SATC book that included descriptions of the clothing labels and found out something interesting about the jacket. Apparently, they deconstructed what use to be a Dior(or some other big label) coat and fused it with a leather jacket. You can't see the straps at the collar, but you can definitely see the soft meets tough thing going on closer up. With the bronze and the pastels...AH I would wear it

How about that Ralph Lauren pantsuit on Carrie?There are so many outfits that I did enjoy and some I tend to question, but I found it difficult to get good images of them to put here on the blog. If I could go into all the outfits, seriously I would. But I'm sure no one really wants to hear it..

I'm going off into a weekend of BBQ and shopping.. :) Cheers to the weekend.

PS. Anyone notice the re-amp of the blog? Tell me what you think.. I got a bit sick of the header and the old stuff. Out with the old and in with the new!(my new philosophy, however that doesn't apply to my closet)


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