Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heat Waves


Has anybody been experiencing occasional hot flashes? I'm sure I've had at least two today walking outside. This long range of heat waves is really getting to me. This body is not meant for extreme weather conditions. Back to fashion related ramblings.. Sometimes I'm tired of trying to hide bra straps. I have to admit that fashion is in fact(for the most part) not effortless. We push ourselves through tons of unnecessary procedures to look good(I'm not saying it's bad to look good!), and sometimes, I get sick of it and say.. to hell with it! Stick-ons, tape, waxing, blahidy blah. We'll all look good without those additions anyways. Although I have to say we must keep onto one item--deodorant. These photos might not show it, but I was literally sweating a storm those ten minutes out there(perhaps longer). Whew!

Try not to melt or freeze(for those international readers) out there ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pound It

left to right: forever21, h&m, sogood in boston

Oh sweet summer bliss; days full of food, friends, and interesting things strung from absolutely boredom and freedom. In just one week of summer, I've been shopping more than I have in a couple months and eating more than what is considered healthy.Plus, I don't think I have been speaking of my Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes I got at a consignment shop around town.. YES. They are awesome. And guess how much I got them for? $16 USD my friends.. How is this so? I guess no one understood its awesomeness or had a big foot like myself. Either way, they lost out and I got in. Ha. They were a bit loose in the ankle area, but I got that fixed the old-school way, a la hammer and nail.

Isn't the resemblance between our vanilla layered cake and golden oreo uncanny? I'd say so.. either way, it was delicious. I think I had three slices. I am a sucker for pastries and sweet goods. Good food=happy Francesca. That simple!

I have a bunch of other summer photos I took yesterday I'd like to share, so scroll down and imagine yourself on a sandy beach..sipping an avocado shake(that's what I do folks while I'm in my room blogging away).
boat benchjerry skyhue changed
fade to dark

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sex or the City?

[[photo from Flickr]]
I'd have to choose...neither. How about Fashion instead? Sounds like a deal. So I'm going to be discussing one of my favorite tv shows/movies. Yes that's right, you guessed it! Prison Break! Ha, no I'm joking. Yes, I'm talking about Sex and the City. Did I get you?

Before I get started on my main topic, I'd like to note: I'm done with my Junior Year!! It feel so good to be done and enter a completely new world called 'summer'. At school, I felt like Nemo trapped in a fish tank, throughout the year struggling to make it down that drain to the Big Blue(in my case, summer vacation). And how fine it feels...freedom!

As I was saying, I've really grown attached to certain outfits through the first movie and would really like to share them. I've only seen the second movie once in theaters, so I can't say I've seen it enough to remember every outfit clearly enough. What I like to do is look back at the outfits and actually look at them. The thing about the movies is that each scene passes so quick that it is difficult to notice the small details. Instead of trying to imagine every outfit in my head, I'm going to show you in an assorted array of images. If you are not a SATC fan already, please check out the series. After watching the first movie a couple times, I was hooked and could not watch the series any faster.

I was instantly attracted to his outfit that she wears on Baby Rose's birth day. I couldn't find a better and bigger image of this, so this is the best I could do. I was looking through the SATC book that included descriptions of the clothing labels and found out something interesting about the jacket. Apparently, they deconstructed what use to be a Dior(or some other big label) coat and fused it with a leather jacket. You can't see the straps at the collar, but you can definitely see the soft meets tough thing going on closer up. With the bronze and the pastels...AH I would wear it

How about that Ralph Lauren pantsuit on Carrie?There are so many outfits that I did enjoy and some I tend to question, but I found it difficult to get good images of them to put here on the blog. If I could go into all the outfits, seriously I would. But I'm sure no one really wants to hear it..

I'm going off into a weekend of BBQ and shopping.. :) Cheers to the weekend.

PS. Anyone notice the re-amp of the blog? Tell me what you think.. I got a bit sick of the header and the old stuff. Out with the old and in with the new!(my new philosophy, however that doesn't apply to my closet)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prim and Prom-per

I'm wearing...H&M dress..H&M earrings...Aldo shoes.

I had to add a really cheesy/corny title :) I just had my junior prom this weekend and I had to say that I haven't had that much fun in a long time. I wore a H&M dress and bought some ribbon at Michael's to give it some shape and a touch of color. I didn't want to go all out for junior prom but rather save my money for next year. So after hours of speed walking, chomping on pad thai, and experimentation, this is what we looked like! I'm the one in the black dress(for you non-regular visitors, thanks for checking out my blog!), my best friends are along side me: Jennifer is in purple, Vicky is in red, and Stephanie is in white.
After hours of dancing the night away, it occurred to me that I had SAT the next day(aka today). I was trying to get enough sleep but of course, in midst of the night, a thunderstorm just happened to come right outside the two windows next to bed. The earplugs did not help. Let's hope I did well....

Happy Saturday :D