Friday, April 10, 2009

Poor Little Girl Meets Davis Square










Wearing Style & Co. jacket, H&M dress as top, Am.Rag skirt, vintage belt, via spiga tigihts, Aldo sandals, Coach backpack

Thank goodness for Good Friday! This week has been so short, yet so long. Today was a breather and definitely something I needed. As a plus, the weather was treating me nicely today, so all I had to wear was a paper thin jacket.
I took the subway all the way to Davis Square in Somerville, Ma today to visit my friend at Tufts University and to also check out the local shops. I heard that it was a great place to go, so I figured hey, I've got time to kill!
I spent the day browsing away at cute consignment shops, boutiques, and vintage jewelry. I saw the turquoise cuff(first one) and I fell in love. They had it at this little place called La Chic Boutique. The name's a bit cheesy, but they have such a great affordable collection of vintage finds you won't find anywhere else. Also, did I mention they put up with me trying on every single ring and then putting it back? Haha.
I was determined to buy that turquoise cuff, but unfortunately I was lacking funds(as in I did not have $70). I couldn't stop looking at it; it was perfect! It's too bad my birthday is not until a month later. Drat. Instead, I went home with a classic watch(the batteries don't work, but that doesn't matter since I don't even look at the time anyways haha), and a substitute turquoise cuff. It's pretty cool, but not as great as the all-mighty(I have no idea why I chose this adjective). At least I left with only $9.45 on the receipt. Win win. I recommend this little shop and also Poor Little Rich Girl if you ever visit!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Claudia said...

lovely outfit! I really like your jacket

athina said...

The outfit is sooo attractive! Great job there =)

I just love your site.. is it ok if I link you up on mine?

pls visit my site too... thanks! =)

Kate said...

I really like your skirt, and your yellow jacket (: x

Cassiopeia said...

hehe. immense outfit. sorry about that cuff, but $70 is a lot! the yellow jacket is adorable, and i am seriously coveting your skirt! :-D


Monika Dubska said...

awesome :) thanks, ill add you right now ^^

LOVING YOUR SHOES! Also the jacket/skirt/everything :) whole combo is perfect, <3

Hope your doing well!

Monika ♥

yiqin; said...

Your yellow jacket is so fab! :D

Fashionology said...

I really love your outfit! Those shoes are amazing!! And that vintage store look great!!! <3

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Looks like a lovely afternoon plundering! Fabulous outfit!

jess S//hippiefroufrou

gabby paulina said...

that is such a lovely cuff. your outfit is amazing aswell.

i noticed you linked my old blog (hello eclectic), but i deleted it and made this blog. check it out! :)

ZZ said...

The shoes are amaze. (:

amalie said...

cute outfit! love your yellow jacket :)
the torqoise cuff was peerty .
exchange links?

Matias Bouhet said...

cute outfit! you have a nice blog :)


karla said...

that "poor little rich girl" shop looks pretty sweeeet! also, love your skirt!

jules said...

Lovely outfit! I love love your skirt, and jacket!

AMIT said...

Excellent outfit.

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workhard said...

The yellow jacket is so trendy.. really likw your outfit

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