Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quickie Update

Quick post today!

I've spent my Saturday watching Knowing and going shopping(finally!). I have to say that some of the things in the movie was a bit far-fetched, but worth watching. I still feel so much from the ingestion of pretzels, popcorn, sprite, and peach gummy rings.

To buy/must have:
  • floppy hat
  • pale yellow skinnies
  • vintage toppers
  • oxfords of some kind
  • new bathing suit
  • haircut?
  • very comfortable computer chair
Just purchased:
  • basics(pale blue tee and white tank)
  • red converse hi-tops
  • braided headbands
  • big obnoxious ring
I'll try to stick in an outfit post tomorrow :)

By the way, I reached my 100th post for the previous post!


Kate said...

congrats on reaching 100 (:

im looking forward to the outfit post soon!

Cassiopeia said...

woo for 100! can't wait to see these things :-D


clairegrenade said...

floppy hat!! yes i do agree that is on my wishlist as well

sun protection+chicness=awesome