Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Orange you excited that I'm actually updating?

I'm sorry you had to live through hearing that terrible knock-knock joke answer. But yes! I am updating for once! I wish I had more time to post up pictures and inspirations, but with the midterms near, let's just say its impossible.
I'm going to a dance on saturday, and I have not found what I'm going to wear yet.. Let's hope a late minute trip to forever21 on friday night will solve that. Or maybe I'll just fish something out of my closet that I haven't wore more than once.

I'm really craving some lace up boots. Flat. The 4-inches are nice, but I can't wait in them for long before my feet start calling for help. I'm really wanting the corsetish-bronze lace up Docs. The flats have an awesome strap. And studs. Need I say more? Do I even have to explain the converse? Sequins. I think I saw them out there a while ago, but I was not bold enough to buy them. Stupid me. MUST find those quick. In fact, Chinese New Year is soon! YES. Money for shoes.. I can already hear my mom yelling at me:

Me: Happy New Year!(in Chinese)
Mom: *gives me red envelope*
Me: *hops for joy* Now I can get those--
Mom: Save this money! Don't get more SHOES.
Me: -.-

Yeah, I'm getting more shoes. Who needs savings?


Amber said...

The sequined chucks are ACE. Love em!

:.:aNNa:.: said...

you have fab taste in footwear.

Ballet said...

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Daisy said...

oh em gee!
i have those sequined converse but they're high tops!