Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Skies





Wearing F21 dress, turtleneck under, mom's old plaid cardigan, random beanie, converse, old textured socks and tights.

I took some pictures of the nice sunset today. I just love the colors.. if only I was on some tropical island..on a beach..sipping iced tea..

I've actually been imagining this outfit for a bit, and I wanted to try it out! I didn't wear it out yet, but I'm hoping too! I was shivering cold while taking these pictures. I'll probably need to layer three pairs of tights to not freeze. The knee high socks actually have a really awesome pattern on them but you don't see it in that picture I'm sure. I'll try to get a closer look some other time.

Sigh, well back to midterms studying while eating some noodles.


Fashion Fille said...

i love this! so much!

Daisy said...

oh em gee
this is my favorite
the dress is really cute
and i'm a converse freak so of course i love those
wow...u've done it again