Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Second Too Slow

These shoes will be mine.

I'm dying for this pair of shoes from Aldo. I think I posted it up in a wishlist a while ago before my hiatus. Must. save. Must. have. shoes. (snap out of it Francesca!)

Must not tell mom about "pricey" shoes. Seriously, my mom would freak out if she knew I bought a pair of shoes that costs more than the cell phone bill. So, I'll just not tell her the price of the shoes and let her wonder. *smiles*

I also noticed that Rumi just showcased these beauties! Darn it, was beat to the chase.

Let's conclude with more inspirations shall we?

3.1 phillip lim

zac posen


This gold lace cuff by Aurélie Bidermann is gorgeous.

This shoe by marc jacobs is just so outrageous..I must have it.

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Shen-Shen said...

I'm basically into anything lacy.

That gold cuff is lovely!