Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Watch the Colors of the Tides


Wearing Charterclub shirt dress, h&m scarf, old tights, cut up sock legwarmers, aldo wedges, vintage coach bag, ray-bans.

I'm being a terrible blogger, I know. My apologies for my laziness.

I took these pictures last weekend, when I went out with the fam-bam for Saturday dimsum. After fattening up, the belt around me was killing me.

My school had spirit week this week, and there was pajama day, 80's day, green day(st.patty's), tropical thursday, and a day when the sophomores have to wear white. So I'm thinking about rocking a total white outfit tomorrow. Lately, I am not able to find anything in my closet to wear! I really want to do some thrifting or vintage shopping soon. I planned to go before February vacation..and that didn't come through.

Have a great weekend! :]


Emz said...

I love spirit weeks! It's the perfect excuse to roll out of bed and walk to school in PJs haha. I like the shirt dress!

Alice X said...

me likee!! i lovethe dress.

Anonymous said...

can you post pictures of your outfits for spirit week? PLease we're having one next month and I have noclue what to wear.

TINE said...

Haha, whenever I wear a belt at my waist and am going to eat, I always exclaim, "oop, gotta move it down a notch" as the belt proceeds to suffocate my happy stomach.

Cute outfit!

Penelope said...

LOVE your backpack! AND YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES!!! SO awesome!!

Cassiopeia said...

do post pics of the fun :-D love the wedges... you're looking uber kwl ;-D


cras4 said...

I lost my ray-bans, I'm soo upset.

STARR said...

Can I have your shoes please? lol

ZZ said...

The socks and the wedges! Amaze. (: