Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Taste of Spring





Wearing vintage glossy sheen blouse, diy studded paris blues shorts, aldo wedges, random sheer tights, and vintage bag and scarf.

Yesterday was just too nice to not opt for some shorts and wedges. It was springtime to me! Since this is New England, it's going to turn into a wintry mix with snow tomorrow. So I'll only get to enjoy the 60F weather for today. Too bad I'll be stuck home writing an essay on Great Expectations. Life rocks.

I got the bits and pieces of these earrings from Winter Rose Designs. You can check out the etsy shop here. They sell pieces of jewelry you can make into your own masterpiece. Since I'm not much of a jewelry designer, I got some that could be transformed very easily into earrings; as in I poke the earring hook through and call it art.


anne said...

love your studded shorts!

TINE said...

I agree..awesome studded shorts! maybe I will diy my own too!!

JGeb said...

Love how you studded the belt loops!

Anonymous said...

love the studded shorts and the shoes. great outfit!

Anonymous said...

love the studded shorts and the shoes. great outfit!

Cassiopeia said...

gorgeous, simple outfit... loving the studs and the shoes especially! :-D


Amber said...

Amen to the stud comments - they're excellent!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Nice touch with the studs indeed also love those lattice shoes! isn't Aldo great!!?

penelope said...

Love your shorts; shoes and your scarf!!!

maali-lifestyle said...

nice outfit.
love the black shirt :)


Anonymous said...

cute! I just studded some shorts like that