Monday, March 2, 2009

Brilliant in Color

Elle March 2009

I am loving the metallics and the second dress. The texture of the dress makes me covet it a little too much. The setting? Gorgeous.

Also, for the last picture, apparently the heels are built into the tights. I had no idea. How crazy is that??


Nicole said...

I adore the first picture, I want to buy the latest issue of Elle now, and idk if I should call it "pants" but the "pants" in the first picture makes me want to touch it because it looks so silky; reminds me of a balloon actually. plus,the color makes it look delicious, if it was edible that is. hahh...maybe I'm just thinking that cause I'm hungry :P

Tiff said...

Hmm, I think the tights are from Balenciaga, I've seen them before - here:

penelope said...

OMG! Those sheeny pants!! HAHA!

ANYWAY, Love your skirt from the prev post! It's so cute!!

net said...

loveeee it