Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slightly, but not Entirely

burberry prorsum

I am still waiting, waiting, waiting, for a great fall collection I am absolutely in love with. No such luck just yet. I'm going to try to keep an eye out for it.
Hm, here are just some pictures. I like them, but not in love, as I have said. I am lacking inspiration and creative juices!

I'm suppose to be making something for my fashion art show. I'm in art club at my school, and it's set to be in less than a month! I haven't had any time to make my 'art', which I hope I do so very soon! I don't necessarily have to use fabric, because it is fashion ART. So, I'm thinking of aluminum foil, paper cutouts, lace bows, ribbons, extra curtain tulle...and a glue gun.


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Deanne said...

i'm totally with you on finding THE fall collection that will define what i'll be wearing/covetting. have you looked at london/paris FW yet? london looks super promising.

as for art materials, have you considered egg crate foam or table cloth material? there's tons of clear and textured types . it's great for recreating vintage versace, comme des garcon...go crazy!