Monday, December 21, 2009

A Billion Pictures Speaks a Billion Words

There's been too much going on, I can't really put it all into words but I will attempt to. So here it is: photo vomit and food porn all for you to see :)
My regular winter sledding outfit: ski jacket from middle school my mom bought for me two sizes too big, sweatpants with leggings underneath, hat, and too many hoods it makes it seem like I have no hair. If you haven't sled before, do it. It's a blast and it's wicked funny when your friend slips and falls and goes all the way down the hill by accident. hahaha.
A painting I did yesterday when I was bored after sledding.
And now...behold! Food porn!
No worries, I wasn't drinking. But the glass was pretty :)
Yes, there is a reason for the food porn. My mom's childhood friend from Australia came to visit today, so we all went out to a Malaysian restaurant to celebrate(for me, it's more like just eat a hell of a lot). The place is called Penang and it's located in Chinatown in Boston. It's had some rave reviews so whenever you're in town I highly recommend it! The pad thai is wicked good. The manager is apparently old friends with my mom and he gave us (the adults) a round of wine, a seafood dish, and some Indian pancake appetizers on the house. Talk about a good host! The service is superb and I felt like some kind of celebrity sitting there and eating food that never seemed to disappear. If you compare this one night to my regular everyday life, this is as glitzy as it gets! If I could eat like this once every..week...two weeks...err...month...I'd be set. Seriously.


TINE said...

I really love your painting!!

C =) said...

Nice painting! It's really pretty.
That food looks amazing too =)

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yiqin; said...

Looks like so mcuh fun :D