Monday, December 28, 2009

The Chills

Happy Early New Year!
This is just in case I don't get to post beforehand! Hope you attempt to follow your New Year's Resolutions(I know I won't ;) )

My Christmas was pretty simple with very little gifts involved but hey it's all about the giving right? How was everyone's holidays? I know that I haven't been taking outfit posts lately and that's mostly because it's vacation and it makes me very lazy indeed. I will update this week though, I hope.

I just went to Target yesterday and convinced my mom to love Target as much as I do(it went successfully). I roamed around the tiny section for Rodarte for Target and tried on a couple pieces. I found a liking for the baby blue dress(which I want to exchange for a size smaller if there are any left, well anywhere) and bought that one. I also tried the yellow slip dress but my mom said it looked funny on me..perhaps I'm not meant for yellow? For now, I'm going to have to belt it to make it more fitting. I'll take more pictures and talk about the collection later.

(H&M scarf

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Billion Pictures Speaks a Billion Words

There's been too much going on, I can't really put it all into words but I will attempt to. So here it is: photo vomit and food porn all for you to see :)
My regular winter sledding outfit: ski jacket from middle school my mom bought for me two sizes too big, sweatpants with leggings underneath, hat, and too many hoods it makes it seem like I have no hair. If you haven't sled before, do it. It's a blast and it's wicked funny when your friend slips and falls and goes all the way down the hill by accident. hahaha.
A painting I did yesterday when I was bored after sledding.
And now...behold! Food porn!
No worries, I wasn't drinking. But the glass was pretty :)
Yes, there is a reason for the food porn. My mom's childhood friend from Australia came to visit today, so we all went out to a Malaysian restaurant to celebrate(for me, it's more like just eat a hell of a lot). The place is called Penang and it's located in Chinatown in Boston. It's had some rave reviews so whenever you're in town I highly recommend it! The pad thai is wicked good. The manager is apparently old friends with my mom and he gave us (the adults) a round of wine, a seafood dish, and some Indian pancake appetizers on the house. Talk about a good host! The service is superb and I felt like some kind of celebrity sitting there and eating food that never seemed to disappear. If you compare this one night to my regular everyday life, this is as glitzy as it gets! If I could eat like this once every..week...two weeks...err...month...I'd be set. Seriously.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Ode to Comfy Sweaters

vintage sweater, refuge jeans, walmart socks, lela rose for payless flats, h&m flats, h&m tee(inside)

Today was surprisingly warm(I'm talking like 40sF or so?). Yes, that's considered warm I'm embracing it! I've taken out the puffy jackets and down stuffed marshmellow coats already and I'm sad to see my leather jacket get tucked away. Until Spring my love!
Pretty simple outfit for today. Comfy sweater, favorite worn and torn scarf, and jeans. Which reminds me.. I need a new pair. I saw a pair at H&M for 40 bucks but I think I've been spending way too much money this holiday season. Which is weird considering I've only bought a present for my mom and one secret santa project.. Wait, I did get a Kate Spade bag(via consignment, I'm so proud) and some other clothes.. And a hat.. Okay, I need to go on a shopping break..after this weekend. :)
I've been working on this secret santa present that consists of multiple parts and I'm pretty excited about it. I can't tell you what it is because I bet my friend will find out some how!
So does anyone else ever just wander around stores and look at beautiful things but can't afford anything? It's so sad whenever i go into Anthropologie. I'm not the wealthy type and all of the things and home decor(lust,lust,lust) makes my heart swoon and then I walk out with only memories and no actual object. But! I did get some cute notebooks on sale the other day for a couple bucks. I've lately started to have a crave for stationery even though no one writes to me. So, I'm just using them as my artist journals and pages of random ramblings.
Happy Tuesday? (not really..Friday please come!)

And..concluding with:
Please please please Santa, I've been good.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Autumn don't leave me

How can Winter not be here but Autumn seems so far behind? I've been having a wicked lazy weekend including staying at home and sorts..
On Friday, I went to this consignment shop and I found a bunch of items I wanted to buy.. It's good I had a 50% off coupon by taking a survey. I eventually got a Kate Spade tote and a red cardigan from Banana Republic for about 50 dollars. I still think the cashier messed up the total because no matter how I tried to calculate it, it wouldn't come out to be that amount. With these shops though, they don't have standard receipts so I think I got cheaped out of 10 bucks(which is a lot since I'm broke). Well, hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

I'll update more this week :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chocolates and Colored Pens

I think I've been wasting too much time at Target looking at random things that I don't need and ever will need.. except for that chocolate. I remember whenever I crossed the border to Canada, there would be these "duty-free" stores full with wine, makeup, cigarettes, and expensive-looking chocolates and my dad would always get a couple boxes of these Guylian chocolates. So, since then, I've always looked for them and the only place I could find them was in the boxed chocolate aisle at Target. I think I'll be picking some more up on December 20th, when Rodarte for Target is open for business.

After browsing in Target on a lazy Sunday, I saw a stack of plain, grided, and lined notebooks I spent a good ten minutes or so wondering which size I should get. The idea came to me to make a small "artist journal" for random doo-dads and doodling and thoughts after I saw a book about artist pages. I don't really consider myself an artist but I do like to draw randomly and let my ideas freeflow. So, here's a little snippet of what I've been doing.
Expect a lazy week and boring outfits :)