Tuesday, November 25, 2008





Hanes sweatshirt, skirt from Target, payless boots, Saks Fifth Ave. scarf, vintage belt, F21 tights, F21 ring and Aldo bag.

Argh. The rain in Massachusetts is really messing up with my outfit posts. I woke up late yesterday and only had 10 minutes to get ready, so my editorial inspiration outfit went down the drain. I was thinking of seeing how to incorporate it tomorrow, but then my friends were nag me if I didn't wear the school's colors for our rally day. Oh well, I guess I'll have to disappoint. Haha.
I really want something with sequins soon. I have this urge for something shiny, but can be demure-d with soft colors. I also need some tartan. I've got lots of holiday shopping to do. Well, for me. More posts soon i swear!
I got this nifty ring at Forever21 today. Surprisingly, it was the only thing I bought all day.
Fun fact: I love dark chocolate. It's just so rich and delicious.


Anonymous said...

i really love your skirt, it's adorable! you have an awesome blog ;)

MzDaizyxx3 said...

ugh... (in a good way)lol
ur style is like so inspirational && gorgeous
everytime i see ur outfits i just wanna rob you lol
(not serious!)
but i love how u dress and i'd die to look like this
you have officially pushed me to change my style to be similar 2 thiis!
Thanx lol

The Stylish Wanderer said...

love the last picture. your super-model stare is awesome by the way.

I only like dark chocolate when I see it in movies. its so weird! I hate it normally, but when someone (lets say Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory) takes chocolate and eats it like its heaven. THEN i want it.

Anonymous said...

Such striking pitures!
I love your ring, and the shirt with skirt, soo pretty, lovely blog too :D

Lori Allison Noel said...

I love that floral skirt from f21! I wanted it so bad, but I live in the north and only have access through the internet, which meant only sizes extra large and extra small were available:( sad sad were my medium sized waist and I.