Sunday, November 9, 2008

Silence Speaks Louder

Than Words.
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Wearing Urban Outfitters Fringe scarf, F21 tank and skirt, H&M cardigan, Walmart tights, Payless boots, and Chinese Laundry clutch.

A couple weeks ago, I was suppose to be helping my mom out at the restaurant that our families own. I was really tired that day[it was raining], so I decided to take a nap in the car. After, I got a bit bored, and I slipped away to the Atrium Mall, which is practically across the street. Luckily for me, the Second Time Around just opened and I found this great clutch for a great price too. The only bad part was that it was completely silent in the store. Don't you find it so awkward when that happens? I haven't found the perfect time to use it until today. Plus, it's so big of a clutch that I won't lose it! [fun fact: I have terrible memory.]
I'm excited to get my Ray-Bans but it confuses me because I saw too models that look very similar. I went to Solstice and Sunglass Hut, but my heart belongs to ebay, because it saves my wallet. Well, my mom's wallet. Haha.

And lastly, another wishing for:

boots by nine west.


Mel said...

Hi, I just saw your post from Teen Vogue's Girl of the Week, and I had to see your blog. It's absolutely wonderful! I love your style! You're wearing such a cute outfit here! Perfect for autumn! I've been wanting a pair of lace-up boots like the Nine West ones too! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my page. Do you want to trade links?
Hope to see more of your cool style!

aimée said...

omg congrats!!!!!!!!!!

Hippiegirl said...

i really like your style!

Demi said...

thank you :) i know, i was so lucky!
love your outfit!

A Black Tie Event said...

I love this outfit, you have a really cool style and know how to layer well.

chichintern23 said...

I love your mix of neutrals and congrats on being spotlighted in Teen Vogue

nicole anne said...

heyy, i saw you in teen vogue's website, i loved your answers to the questions...
and i decided to check out your blog. surprisingly,i find really cute things in my mom's closet too, it's really quite shocking since she doesn't have very good fashion sense now :P anyway, no one can ever go wrong when wearing neutral colors, and i love your outfits.

penelope said...

Love your blog; LOVE your photographs! There're some great, great! Photography there!!!

And you look so warm and toasty under all those knits((: Really pretty(:

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you look fantastic/


heartofpearl♥ said...

hey i saw you on teenvogue, i like your outfits on your blog more but your style on vogue was enough to make me visit your blog :)

i really like your style you have great body proportion too~ x

Anonymous said...

i'd love to exchange links! and that clutch is soo chic!

La C

Nay'Chelle said...

Wow, I really like the scarf and boots. Nice blog.

Francesca said...

thank you everyone! your comments seriously make my day.