Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dark Chocolate Truffles and Soup

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Just thought you'd might enjoy a shot of MA's first snowfalls. Pretty pretty pretty. I wish it was on a school day though. Last year it started to snow during 9th period, and the school announced that everyone could go home at the start of 10th. It was absolutely insane because everyone was freaking out in happiness and the hallways were crowded. So silly.
I also took a picture with my mom, but decided not to put it up because I had a huge, cheesy smile spread across my face.
I'm also in love with the vintage brooch I found in my mom's little jewelry box. I remember seeing it a while ago, but I've never come to appreciate it until now! Does that ever happen to you? I guess my taste has changed a lot I don't know since when, but it was a while ago I tell ya. Ah, I need more vintage brooches.

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Just a couple things on my last shopping day. I'm having a load of trouble trying to find a present for my Secret Santa! Instead of looking for things my SS would like, I got a bit caught up and looked at things I liked.. whoops. BUT isn't that ring awesome?? [this is when you nod] Sadly, I have to save up for other people's Christmas presents.

And this is what I wore yesterday:
I'm not very fond of plaid, mostly because it came in red shades. I look horrible in red. But this one is a grayish blue!

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Sorry for the horrible lighting. I tried changing the white balance, but nothing is as nice as the outdoor lighting. There is no way I can shoot it in in such cold weather.

Edit: Sorry I forgot to label my outfit!
tank: diy
skirt: am.rag
tights: viaspiga
shoes: newport news
scarf: softer than cashmere
cut out shirt: vintage
jacket: h&m


Mel said...

Cute jacket! Where did you get it? The snow looks so gorgeous! I wish we had some snow!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

That is a very cute jacket. And I love your skirt. I need to get a full black skirt like that soon! Dang, I wish it snowed where I live. So lucky. :)


Sophie said...

Liebe Francesca,
I really like the pictures and that vintage brooch is very beautiful...
If you're looking for more vintage accessoires you can check out my sister's and my store for Austrian Vintage Clothing
We also have brooches in our selection and plan to add them in the next weeks.



karae king said...

HEY! i loooove ur blog..of course i found u on teenvogue..but check out mine sometime:

Shen-Shen said...

I love the skirt and the brooch!

And I agree, outdoor lighting is the best and I can't brave this terribly cold weather!

LJ said...

I like the broche in the first photo..
xx-LJ from SOS!

Taylor said...

the hat is gorgeous, i cant get over how amazing your style is! im so jealous