Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, why can't you just decide what season you are and stick toit?

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Wearing F21 skirt, F21 tights, H&M cardigan, H&M scarf, vintage vest, Newport News shoes.

I hate Mondays.

Why can't New English just chose a season and stick to it? I'm loving the 65F weather we're having right now, which is hard to believe when it was about 20F a couple days earlier. Winter please go away! I think it should be autumn all the time.
I'm going to try to post up a little bulletin of my Christmas wishlist very soon, and get some shopping down today if I ever finish my homework!

That's all for today folks.


Shen-Shen said...

Cute skirt and tights!

And ughh, I prefer this weather, but I really hate it when the temperature flip flops all the time.. Grr!

TINE said...

very cute outfit!!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Love the outfits.

Yes, weather is unpredictable, and very very annoying.

Madison said...

Oh wow, I love that skirt! You look cute. :)

Funky-FiFi said...

Great outfit ! I love your tights ♥

Hugs from France,


net said...
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Anya said...

love your style, and weather is indeedly unpredictable.

oh and I found you through teen vogue.

Demi said...

lovee this! I love that skirt!!!
I neeeeeeeeeed f21 in england!!!

hope you have a fantastic christmas and new year honey!!

penelope said...

Love your skirt! It's too cute!!