Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wearing a Guess zipper cowl neck tunic, plaid scarf, H&M cardigan, payless buckle boots, H&M maroon-ish bag, and via spiga tights.

Can you believe this year is almost at an end? Boy does time really past by fast. This year has been a heck of a mess, but there have been lots of good times. I'm not too sure if I should make a New Year's Resolution, because I always say I will stick to them, but then..I don't. I should really try a more realistic goal, or something easier to stick to. I've had this bad habit of biting my nails since I was little and I think that was my resolution a few years back, to stop. Yeah, that didn't work. Maybe I should try to save. Yes, I guess that'll be my resolution. I know it's kinda boring, but at least it might work out! What are your resolutions?

About saving... I purchased this top a little while back and I just loved the zipper cowl neck. It's just awesome in the best way.

Happy New Year!

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Daisy said...

OMJ (Oh my Jonas)
I'm so in love with this outfit. Ur boots are killer && the bag is gorgeous. I especially adore the zipper on the top as well. You've done it again!
&& i never stick to my resolutions either so i hardly make them anymore LoL.
btw- i entered TeenVogue Girl of the Week && i mentioned ur blog. Hope thats ok!