Monday, December 8, 2008

Spring, are you here yet?

Ugh, this winter weather is already getting on my nerves. It's about 16F right now[that's in the negatives for you celsius folks!] brrr. It's hard to show my outfit when I'm all bundled up in layers of cardigans and furry vests. I'm going to try to find an easier way to take good photos, not outside! [any suggestions?] Unfortunately, the lighting my house pretty much fail. Sigh, it's not even winter yet! This weather is absurd.

Btw, I finally fixed up the site! Stupid widgets. I blame them.
On a happier note, here are just some of my likings of the Spring rtw 2009:

abaete proenza schouler

yves saint laurent

Wait! This post is over yet!
I got a comment from a reader asking about the shopping on Newbury Street in Boston. Let's just say there are a lot of high end shops that you might like to peer into. There are shops like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Betsey Johnson, Valentino, MaxAzria.. But then they are the lower end but still fabulous: Second Time Around, The Closet, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters[all the way at the other end of the street!], H&M[love, but it so crowded on the weekends!], and other little boutiques you might want to check out. I've never been to The Closet before, but I'd like to take a look when I have time.. Second Time Around is nice. You can find Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, and other topnotch designers at lower prices. I recently scored a nice clutch there, so it's worth a shot to check out! What else.. there's a Starbucks pretty much every block[why can't there be a Dunkies? sigh]. Have fun in Boston :] If any of you ever visit, Newbury Street is a great street to browse and find some good food!

WAIT still not over!

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All of these are unedited because well I have an essay to write[insert unhappy face] so I hope you will still enjoy them.



bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i don't know what i'm more jealous of: your awesome photography skills or that you live in massachusetts. i've always wanted to live on the east coast. just to try it. :)

and i love the third and fourth photos. shiny things make me happy!


TINE said...

Nice Spring RTW picks! I love winter though =)

aimée said...

hahaha *does a little dance*

it's - summer - here !


Brenda said...

haha. thanks for writing a section in your post for me. i was the reader who asked the question about newbury street. i live in new york and it's about 40 degrees here. is a peacoat not enough for boston?

ps. i love your photography. i'm taking a class myself.

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw I know what you mean. :( I hate it when I've got clothes I love on, and yet no one can see them because I'm wearing a huge coat, and scarf, and gloves, hat, and etc in order to stay warm in the freezing cold. :(

Thanks for your lovely comment by the way! <3


MzDaizyxx3 said...

i know what you mean hun...
its actually been raining a lot here in new york.
yesterday was like 43F, and now its like 64...yea weird lol
but anyway i love the second photo.
its gorgeous!

Rissa said...

Lovely pictures! I love that first runway look the best, the colors are great.

deep_in_vogue said...

Lovely, lovely images! Unfortunately it's still a while until spring. On a brighter note, Christmas' right around the corner. Good luck on that essay!

Anonymous said...

so amazing

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that that first Abaete dress!!!! sooooooo Pretty!!! Where do they sell this??