Sunday, December 28, 2008

So this is what it feels like


Wearing H&M cardigan, H&M scarf, vintage top, H&M bag, payless boots, vintage brooch, and black iris jeans. I didn't notice I was decked out in H&M!

I hope everyone's holidays were great, and got awesome gifts. Yes it's not about the gifts, but still, who doesn't love receiving presents? These past couple days I've been returning and exchanging some things and trying to steer clear of purchasing more things this month because my dad just bought a wii! Two days ago, my friends and I were completely unleashing our inner dorks by playing intense Super Smash Bros. Yes, we're cool.

I love the details on this cardigan. I'm trying to get more military inspired garments, sort of like the gloves from the previous post. Have I mentioned I also got these boots for $16? Okay, I did buy one thing. How could you possibly resist $16 boots? Hehe. They are a bit tall for my taste though, and it makes me feel very tall. [My friends already think I'm wicked tall- I'm 5'6"] So with them, I'm reaching 6 feet. So this is how really tall people feel.

Early Happy New Year!

I'm also working on my inspiration board! More to come.


Anonymous said...

this outfit is adorable! $16?!? amaaaazing! :)

TINE said...

Lovely boots!! Video games are addicting. Go dorks!

net said...

oh, love that bag! super smash bros. is the best!