Monday, November 30, 2009

Perhaps Too Pink

cross process pink skirtCIMG3152
Wearing H&M mens sweater, Gap tee, F21 skirt, Aldo convertible clutch, H&M scarf, Sam Edelman flats

So, I use to be strangely proud of not enjoying the color pink so much. I think it was one of my friend's opinions that changed mine. I remember her saying: "pink is such an artifical color..that's why I don't like it!" And so, I was influenced by what she said. We all don't like to admit that we are easily influenced and affected by these small opinions but where would we be without our friends' opinions? And so, I've avoided pink for some time. You can look into my wardrobe and the closest to pink you would find is gray(no I'm not kidding). It was not until one day I was going around in Forever21 and spotted this skirt. I was the kind of vibrant pink I would deliberately shun..but for some reason it I was drawn to it. It was like a bowl of curry in front of my face with an empty stomach. Terribly difficult to not overindulge. And even one of my close friends noticed and said, "Franny! You're wearing pink!"
I hope you enjoyed my lame story.
Anyways, moving on.. How were your Thanksgivings? I normally didn't have turkey but a simple dinner then a gathering of my relatives to hotpot. We spent the entire night being fascinated with my cousin's WiiFit game, especially when my cousin(a he), did the super hula hoop game with unnecessary spazzing dance moves. My dad was so amused that the next day we got the game ourselves! Other than that I just stayed at home and randomly painted on some new canvases I bought at Michael's on Black Friday. Yes, I buy art supplies on the biggest sale day of the year instead of electronics.
Besides playing video games and painting, I probably spent the rest of my short vacation watching all the Sex and the City episodes. I've seen the movie a good twenty times but I never watched the seasons, so I decided to start now. I'm already at the third season so I consider that an accomplishment. Anyways, I've got to go finish my mission(watching more tv).


C =) said...

I love the skirt! Pink is so fun to wear =)

Zhcsyra hp said...

love sweet flat shoes,adorable skirt,awesome cardigan and nice stripped shirt :))

Sarah said...

Pink is really hard color to wear! I personally can't wear pink but you pull it off very well. :D

CS said...
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CS said...

I luv your blog...looking at yours last year..I started my own blog...its funny cuz I am older then u lol...check out my

Molly Rose said...

you look good in pick, i always love a really bright color thrown in with an outfit thats otherwise entirely neutrals.

Claudia said...

cute outfit!!!

also im excited your blogging again...maybe you have been for a while but i dont know....haha

Claudia said...

cute outfit!!!

also im excited your blogging again...maybe you have been for a while but i dont know....haha

trina's reality said...

Pink can actually be a really fun color to wear. ;]