Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter's Calling, but I don't want to Answer






Gap sweater, beads from my friend, H&M scarf, Aldo accessories bag, navy tights from Walmart, Payless oxfords

I was browsing around the mall when I saw this XL Gap sweater. I've seen it once before and on Veteran's Day there were discounts. I couldn't help myself. It's versatile and I just want to wear it all the time(I'll refrain myself). Well, I already wore it twice in one week and made them into two little variations. They aren't that different, but when I have to wake at 6:30am and also working with my extreme laziness on a Sunday, this is as close as it gets.
If you were wondering who that woman is in the picture, it's actually my mom making a little appearance. If she ever sees this, she'll probably kill me. My mom is very picky about pictures and it has to look perfect before it is displayed. Sometimes my mom and I are so different but we do share a love for Italian pastries. Although most of the time she can't really remember the difference between the words "cannoli" and "bologna".
So, who is already starting Holiday shopping? I'm thinking about starting before Thanksgiving. I love the holiday rush, but sometimes it is just too stressful and overwhelming. Those flashbacks of lining up for 20 minutes in a crowded, stuffy store is a little too much for me this year. I think I should just shop on etsy and save myself some time and effort. :)

Time to finally start my homework!


Vibe said...

Yay! I am so happy to see you are back :] Both you and your mom are beautiful!

I know Christmas shopping can be such a drag sometimes, though other times really cozy :]

Love your blog and hope you're doing well (:

TINE said...

YAY, I noticed youre back!!

Fashion Fille said...

amazing striped tee! and those oxfords... AH!

Frickys said...

So glad that you are back, dear, can't wait to see more of your inspiring outfits!!!!

Mel said...

I find the mad rush of holiday shoppers rather exciting actually! It's kind of fun going Christmas shopping! I love your sweater, I would wear it everyday too if I were you!

Faridah said...

So chic! You look awesome.