Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woah wait...what?!

Please tell me you haven't forgotten me!
Yes, that's right I'm back in the blogosphere after how long...well, it's been a long time. No I haven't shun the internet entirely. I have been visiting blogs every so often and check my bloglovin' daily of course but I feel a bit disconnected from one of the reasons to why I love fashion so much--the everyday styles of bloggers like myself(well, what I use to be and now will be again!). It's one thing to just see, but it's another thing to be part of it and I miss it now. I'm hoping you don't hold my uber long hiatus against me!

PS. I'll be updating very soon with my (not so) fabulous life.

PPS. I will also be fixing up my blog. Yuck, it's a mess.

PPPS. (I promise to stop after this one) I might move my blog over to another one, but it's still on blogger. I'll let you know :)



Wahiiba said...

heyy, i follow ur blog. i think it's wkd! don't call it quits. dont stoppp! =)
a lot of ppl i know have started a blog then just stopped, dnt be one of them specially when ur blog is good!

stop by sometime,


Natalie said...

I love ur dress! so cute, and i'm lovin ur blog, keep it up and i'll be sure to visit again! :)


Mel said...

Oh yay I'm glad to see you've started blogging again!

She Bangz® said...

glad ur baq!!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

glad you're back =)