Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin;

Wearing H&M shirt, Forever21 dress as skirt, vintage wide belt, H&M scarf, random tights, weird facial expressions

Hi there. How's life? Pretty good, thanks.

I think my friends and I were playing American Idol too long on my playstation 2. We spent a good one or two hours shouting and harmonizing(more shouting actually) to classic songs like Alone, Build me a Buttercup, and Saving all my Love for You. When Proud Mary came on, we did some crazy dance where we have to do the wheel motion and bob our heads violently to the music. Fun? Yes. Necessary? No, not really.
This was a randomly thrown together outfit the other day. Sometimes waking up half an hour late doesn't give me much time to apply lotion and just put my folders in my backpack. I've been starting to consider animal prints lately.. I don't own much, except for this dress, maybe one top, and a scarf. What do you think about mixing prints? Have you noticed the similarity between the last post and this one? It's got to be the brenton stripes.. They are too versatile and it's particularly difficult for me to let go of them. I'm still stopping myself from wearing that Gap sweater tomorrow. Must..resist...
Afterschool, I went to my eye doctor's. Lately, my right eye(yes, just the right) has been awkwardly blurry. I detest straining to see pre-calculus problems on the board so I thought it was about time to go. I have these special contact lens that I wear overnight. They fix my vision and somehow reshape my eyeball(yes, I know this sounds weird). I always try to explain this to my friends..but maybe this will do the job: click
Other than being partly blurry-eyed, I've been doing some painting. Nothing like studio art, it's more like leisure time on the coffee table staring at a screen for a good five hours watching reruns of Rush Hour 3, Marley and Me, and whatever is on HBO. The best days are spent doing things that are pointless and completely a waste of time.

Have a great weekend :)


Faridah said...

I love the two bold patterns together! Great outfit.

yiqin; said...

Brilliant mix of pattern!

STARR said...

I love the print combination!

cody said...

great outfit!


purpleluxe said...

liking those panels on the wall!