Thursday, April 15, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Wearing F21 hoodie, Target tee, Urban Outfitters jeans, UO Kimchi blue Tstrap flats

Casual outfit yesterday. I got to testing out my new camera! The lighting was just great yesterday, and I can't wait to shoot some more photos. It might not be a DSLR, but it's coming close enough for me. It's a Nikon P90 Coolpix 12.1 MP. Valerie W. from Beauty and the Budget asked me if I prefered Nikon, and to be honest, I don't have any preference. I've used Fuji and Casio for digital cameras and Olympus and Canon for film, and now Nikon. I don't really swear by any brand and think it's best to find what suits me by using whatever comes my way. By the way, are the sizes of the photos okay? I am thinking about changing the layout.
Big News! Well, for me. I'm going to stay in New York City for three days for vacation next week! *happy dance* I haven't been to NYC since three years ago, so I just can't wait to go back and experience it. I'm going to visit a couple colleges in the city and one in Poughkeepsie. So it's going to be..Marist, NYU, Parsons, and FIT. I am definitely going to dive into the Boston college pool soon, but not yet. I'd much rather roam New York and drag my dad around to every shop(sorry dad...I love you!). Too bad my mom couldn't come with us. Inside, she's a huge shopaholic but she holds it in to set a good example.. I'm telling you, it's the genetics.
I've been going on expedia to look for budget hotels and can't quite pick which one to stay at. I found the Pod Hotel, which is kind of dorm-like. It's inexpensive and not terrible...I mean, who's going to be staying in their hotel room all-day when you're in midtown Manhattan? Right. I'm just a tad skeptical to whether or not my dad will fit in a twin bed.. he's pretty tall. Oh well, you get what you pay for. I'd rather save $100 and use that on food and shoes. :)

One more thing! I was messing around with the blogger template and all of my links got erased! I can't remember them all, so if you'd like to exchange links, I would be happy to add you to my list. Just leave a comment with your blog url. I'd love to network :)

And lastly, a cool photo. Nikon's okay with the low lighting.


Mel said...

Love your shoes! Oh what fun, I hope you have lots of fun in NY and do lots of shopping!

kirstyb said...

great outfit x

Claudia said...

cute shoes!

C =) said...

Cool pants!
I wish I could go to New York, that sounds fun! Have a great trip, take some pictures! =)

That's s neat picture, I like the beads in the doorway.

And your pictures are a good size on my computer!

yiqin; said...

Amazing shoes <3

Fashlynable said...

The last photo is really gorgeous, so mysterious.

valeriew said...

I Love those Skinnies!!! :)

ellemode said...

love the shoes! I have a pair too! My blog is ellemode, just in case you were wondering :)

Walk The Sand said...

Cute photos, love the wash of your jeans.
Lovely blog.

LA said...

Like your bleached jeans!


vv said...

love ur blog

ellie said...

I've got a pretty similar pair of shoes and I just love how cute they look with jeans and everything!:D

Hope you've had the time of yr life in NYC!