Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skeleton Key

A little shadeA little sunA little bone
Wearing H&M Garden Collection blazer, DIY skeleton tee, H&M scarf, H&M necklace, studded DIY shorts from Marshalls, Sam Edelman flats, F21 sunglasses

This outfit is from yesterday when the sun was shining yet again. Today is rather gloomy and looks as if the sky is about to tear up and release its wrath on innocent citizens(but I guess this is what we get for global warming?). I was actually wearing my American Apparel swirly tights with this outfit, but I had taken them off and then realized that I was going to take an outfit photo. For some reason my legs and skin looks very bronze in these photos... In real life my skin is more like stale yellowish-tannish-beigeish.
If you haven't seen H&M Garden Collection, I wanted to show you one piece. I have been looking for a good neutral, comfortable blazer for who knows how long when I stumbled upon this blazer when I was not initially going to buy anything(tsktsk Francesca!). Blazers' shoulders usually ride up when I move my arms and I can barely lift my hands above my head without the entire garment going upwards too. I was so surprised when I found it because I guess it was as good as it was going to get at $34.95. I can see myself pairing it with almost anything and everything.
The tee I am wearing has a cutout shape in the back resembling something like a skeleton. I was thinking about selling them and making them when my friend, Karen, was obsessed with its cutouts.
If I am willing to make them to sell(whenever I have time), would anyone be interested in purchasing one?

Happy...Tuesday! (I thought it was Wednesday for a second, oops.)


yiqin; said...

The back is gorgeous :)

theoctoberissue said...

very cute shorts & top :)
check out my blog

C =) said...

Cool shirt! I like your shorts too.
I might be interested in one! As long as it's not super expensive =)

emma said...

I realy love your outfit, your shorts and flats are so cool!

Sweet Rags said...

Cute shirt I sale stuff like that on my site