Monday, April 26, 2010

A Glimpse of the Big City

I can't believe vacation was over so quickly! I took hundreds of photos in New York with my new camera. I have a soft spot for street photography, so you will see a whole lot of it. Here's a little snippet of my New York City visit and some of my favorite shots.. I will post more later this week!

clock ring from TopShop!
Our cute little hotel room at the Pod Hotel.
I'm so in love with that girl's bag. I wasn't able to snap a photo of her from the front, but I guarantee you that her hair was fabulous(both of them actually)!


Mel said...

I love all of your photos! I hope you had lots of fun in NY!


Great shots! keep up the good work and love the red chucks.


STARR said...

I love the backpack photo too!

Yary and Sary said...

girl i really love all of these photos!

Cecilia =) said...

Cool photos! That looks like a fun trip! Your ring is really cool too.

Claudia said...

New york!!! i love it! i also like your ring sooo cute!

Fashlynable said...

Geeze I love your ring and this makes me want to visit New York pretty badly and also that girl's bag is fabulous and if this sentence were read out loud it'd be way too fast :).