Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stupid Thoughts

Here's another selection of photos from New York! I have tons, so I can't possibly post them all, but if you want to sneak a peek at my adventures, check out my Flickr photostream(on the right sidebar). It took me awhile to post up these pictures mostly out of laziness and the fact that I had to upgrade on Flickr(I've already used 200 photos?!). Seriously, I take up so much space on my computer with photos that perhaps I'll just squish it all into my Flickr Pro account. One thing that scares me is that someone has estimated that the internet will not last long because of the exceeded bandwidths..and soon it will be gone. GONE. What will happen to the world of blogging? It's so difficult to imagine that our precious internet could possibly disappear all of a sudden. Everyone counts on the shop managers, us bloggers, corporate people... But then again, no internet would sure give me a hell of a lot of free time..HM what to do with all that time? The internet sure does consume time and drive us nuts at certain times..

image via Sparknotes


Here comes photo vomit--a huge array of random snapshots of New York.
Stupid Thoughts
I never figured restaurants would ever charge a set tip fee on the bill until I came to this place, Thai...69 or 59 or something. It's on 51st street. The waitress fumbled with my spoon and it fell into my noodles that just came out, and also my scrunched chopstick wrapper also fell in. She took it and said she'd get me a new one. Oh please, we all know you'll bring the same thing back.. I'm not testy with these things; they are accidents. But they charged us 18% tip on our bill already, like we had to pay it. I thought it was outrageous. I've never seen a set tip for two people at a teeny restaurant(it was pretty much a hole in the wall restaurant). Goodness!
Spring in Bryant Park
A little trip to Lombardi's with my dad. Apparently, it's the first pizzeria in America. What prestige! It's like being at Harvard! Ha, no not really. But the pizza is good.
Cutest kid ever in Washington Sq. Park.
Morning CoffeePanning
A terrible attempt at panning..
Top of the Rock
No idea what these two are doing..they look like they are filming one another. But why is he on the ground?
DSCN0391Empire Cross Process


Julia M said...

These photos are cool! The one of the guy lying down is really...interesting...

Daisy said...

next time you visit, check out the Student Production workshop at the Roundabout Theatre...if you're into plays. me && my friends participate as actors, costume designers, etc. && tix are free !


Cecilia =) said...

Nice pictures! I really like the tulip one. Makes me want to go to New York! That pizza looks so yummy too!

You're right, life would be SO different without internet!!!

rebecca said...

I really, really want to go to New York!!


The best place in the world...

leather lace blog said...

you have such interesting photographs! love it.