Monday, April 5, 2010

Third Degree Burn

April SunshineCIMG5377CIMG5378
Pesto Pasta
Bacon Pizza

Wow! The weather in Boston has been crazy lately. I remember last week when the rain was pouring nonstop and now its all sunshine and butterflies and buttercups. Last weekend, the temperatures hit 75F and I finally got to wear something other than rainboots and a poncho-like jacket. Did I mention that I went to Target just to buy a random pair of rainboots? I was afraid of completely submerged my red converse shoes in a huge puddle again. I am absolutely terrible with extreme temperatures and weather. As you can tell, my face in the first photo is less than pleasant. Too hot, too cold, too wet..they all don't quite work well with me.
The sunlight was so bright that I barely had to edit my photos. I originally posted them without edits but some shadier parts bothered me, so my OCD fixed them up
. If you take a look at my head, there happens to be a little flash of red. That's right. I've highlighted my hair with a reddish-violet hue. You can't really see the color well in these photos but I will take better photos soon.
The shoes in the fourth photo is Michael Kors. I'm fond of MK, I have to say. I like classic, contemporary things. The rest are photos from a dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. It was my friends' idea to eat there. I personally think the place is overpriced. The food is just okay for me... Must try some new places later.

Wearing slip dress from Marshalls, vintage crochet short sleeve cardigan, bag from Aldo, Rampage slingbacks, Ray-Ban wayfarers


Mel said...

YUM I love CPK! Your shoes are awesome!

Vibe said...

CPK's salads are looooove. Especially the asian ones... ♥

love your outfit, as usual (:

stay lovely

Anonymous said...

I love your style, this is a great outfit shot!

C =) said...

Cute outfit! It looks really summery.Nice highlights too! That pizza looks so good too!

I like those shoes a lot! Once at The Shoe Warehouse I bought a pair of Michael Kors boots on clearance for only $25! It was amazing =)