Friday, September 26, 2008


Hey guys, super sorry about the lack of updates. School has really been killing me. My eyes were puffed up today after waking up late and the day before I had a thesis paper that was 4 pages long. Although tomorrow I'm going to the Fashion Design program! I'm going to improve on my sketches and also learn how to sew. I've been wanting to know how to do some DIYs.
Afterschool I headed over to the mall. Of course, I headed straight to my love, Forever 21. Words can not describe how much I adore this store. I got this shirt, which I will get a picture of soon. Also, I went to H&M. Whoever designs the clothes are kind of geniuses. I got this lightweight grey beret there with this flower on it. I have some kind of attraction to things with flowers on them, although not baby florals. I actually managed to clean up my "get ready" station, hence the cleanness.
I found this blazer in the downstairs closet.. very abandoned. It was my mom's from the 80's or 90's. I thought it was quite amusing to rip off the shoulder pads. I'm probably going to rock it tomorrow on Newbury St. I'll be sure to do a daily outfit tomorrow.

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