Friday, September 19, 2008

Words can not Describe.

all from forever21!

Today I went out Downtown with my friend Heidi! There's this huge H&M there and also a huge TJmaxx and Marshalls. And then there's Aldo, Wetseal, DSW shoes, and Payless. Oh, and there's an Urban Outfitters down at Fanueil Hall. I love the atmosphere around Boston, it's so relaxed. I don't know, but you have to be there to know! As I was saying, the H&M is amazing. It's gigantic. I need to take a picture for you guys soon. I saw some crossbody bags that I wanted, but of course, I'm a bit behind on the money part. I also got a cream colored fringe scarf at Urban Outfitters. The highlight of my day though was when me and Heidi went down to Marshalls. You see, I never really get super excited about the stuff there, but once I spotted a pair of Tahari platforms, I wanted them.

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Valentine said...

Those shoes... are gorgeous! the first one is just so.. pretty.. gosh.. i have a real bad shoe problem.. lol.