Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is Summer over yet?

Besides the beginning of school, the fall is pretty exciting. Fall Fashion Week, the comeback of scarves and hats, and eating delicious hot foods without sweating up a storm. Ah, the pleasures of autumn. It's probably my favorite season. In the summer, you can't really do much with your tshirt and jeans, since it's about 80F everyday, with sprinkles of rain around the Boston area. Fascinating isn't it?

Well, I just got this great black peacoat at H&M the other day. The fit is great, and it was $60. Not too shabby if I have to say. I love having more fashion "staples", because they are so versatile. All I need now is a new bag. I'm not sure if I should stick to classic black or go a bit brighter. As much as I would like to go designer, I don't really want anything that will break the bank.

These Steven Madden boots are pretty awesome. I can't wait to wear them tucked into my jeans. They were on sale at Macy's for $70, so I had to snag them. Unfortunately, I am a little low on cash now. Although these suede beauties are cute, the calves area is a bit loose, which shouldn't be as much of a problem with the jeans.

Also, there are these fantastic boots I saw at Payless. They were so comfortable and I needed to have them. Only $45. Being a half size is sometimes really annoying. I tried on the 9, too small. I tried on the 10, too huge. Why can't there be more in stock for 9.5?? [yes I have big feet, big whoop] Just because our feet are slightly bigger than others doesn't mean we don't want cute shoes!

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