Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank God There's Thrifting.

Finally! It's Friday! School started about one week ago, and I'm already bombarded with ridiculous amounts of homework and tests. This is what I get for being "gifted", and getting into honors and advance classes.

Anyways, afterschool I headed to The Garment District. Have I mentioned that I love that place? They have great selections of clothes. Downstairs is the Boston Costume and also Dollar a Pound, where there are leaps of clothing on the ground and you get them for a buck on fridays. I've tried to search around, but trying to find buried treasure in a sea of sand isn't really my thing. So, I headed upstairs in search of my perfect blazer. Of course, no luck. I couldn't find any in my size, although I did see some nice designer finds. But what really caught my eye was this Franco Sarto bag! I'm telling you, the pictures don't do it much justice. The leather is so soft and it was fairly new but with a little stain on the bottom. Totally not visible.

It's a very rich bronze color, which is great for fall! The best part is that I got it for $7. Seven dollars my friend. What a great steal! I can't wait to pair them with my new fall boots.

I've also been debating the issue of wear heels to school. Although I have seen others doing it, I'm afraid it may be too clickity clacking on the floors. Although it's fun to freak people out because they think a teacher is coming, the four floors of stairs kind of scare me. I barely make it all the way up after lunch with my sneakers. I love the few, fashion-forward girls at my school. I have to say there are like..four of them. They always look so refreshing, compared to the blurred hallways of labeled tshirts.

ALSO, I'D LIKE TO NOTE that i did not call everyone short. It's just that I'm the tallest of all of you[or so one states], which is weird. I'm not really that tall you know..


Heidi said...

hellooooo i keep trying to comment this thing, and it never seems to work. ok well i say we all pick a day where we ALL as in like stephy jen ni trami kayla wear heels clickin and clanking down the halls hahaha maybe itll work lol.
i would wear small heels, but you could still be a giant. or join the four fashionable ppl in our school and just go all out without question. :)

Stephanie said...

ok the only time i actually had time to check out the blog that u so much wanted us to see, i see that u make fun of my height! humphhh!!! how rude man!! lol

and i would love to go out and splurge on designer bags and shoes but i dont have a job. and no job equals no money. no money equals no shopping! :(

Jennifer said...

AHEMM i prefer the word PETITE and u kno how i'm no good with heels =[ lol not my fault!! and dude i will splurge! once i get something i really want called a job =[ as u can see in stephanie's equation about job and money lol and heck no man 4 flight of stairs and heels lol

Francesca said...

lol i didn't tell you guys to splurge!