Friday, October 3, 2008

Cutting School

Just kidding, I'm not cutting school. But I am on a field trip in Boston. Yayy. We went to Haymarket and Fanuiel Hall. It was for my photo class, and we were shooting architecture. I only had 24 exposures and I don't think it was my best roll. I found the best shots when I ran out of film. Sadly.
The one thing I love about Fanuiel Hall is that it has an Urban Outfitters. They have the cutest stuff, and I saw two bags that caught my attention: the clutch-like bronze bag and the turquoise fringe bag. Too bad I couldn't afford either of them. After purchasing a sundae at Mickey D's and a slice of cheese from Pizzeria Regina I had the grand total of one dollar. I really have to start saving.
Mi mejor amiga, Heidi, and I were looking around and pretended to be tourists by taking a ridiculous amount of photos of each other. Also, no, I have no idea what the huge red lollipop is. Maybe it's a huge red lollipop. Who knows? The third picture is one of my favorites. After I ran out of film, I had my digital, so I figured what the heck and just snapped a few. I learned that my boots were flatter than I thought. I'm going to stop at payless and get some of those cushion-y pads soon.

I'm wearing a F21 jacket, a F21 tank, Steve Madden boots, H&M belt and bag, refuge jeans, and old scarf.
Heidi's wearing a F21 jacket and my vintage scarf. I don't know where she got the rest of her outfit..


Heidi said...

hahaha i look like i broke my foot or sumthin. i think i was twisting around and my foot ended up like that.... lol

Shen-Shen said...

Boston!! I think I've been to that circular square (oxymoron?) place before.

Ashleigh said...

I like that 2nd last bag ..a lot

Mimi said...

I want this fringe bag!

sourpatchfrmrgrle said...

the red lollipop is actually supposed to be a pin & it helps tourists find interesting spots in Boston.