Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caffeine Does Miracles

blazer: mom's; jeans: F21; sweater: F21, scarf: urban outfitters; bag: aldo accessories; necklace: aldo acc.
Today I was practically falling asleep during most of my classes, until we got to go to the library for a project. I'm finally awake by now, thanks to my coffee ice cream. Yum. I suggest Columbian Coffee by Turkey Hill for the coffee lovers.[it's got such rich taste!] As I was saying..we got to use the computers and I was thrilled to check my email, since everything else seems to be blocked by the school. Apparently Blogger is. But I really enjoyed getting the "New comment from .... on Blogger!". So I hope you guys are enjoying the blog =]
Anyways it got pretty chilly today, so I opted for my mom's old blazer. It was a bit oversized, but I'm thinking of maybe tailoring it[it looks too huge unless I roll the sleeves up] I don't do it myself, since I'm no expert on sewing or anything technical. My brain's mostly on the creative side. Anyone know how much it'll cost to get it tailored?
I couldn't seem to stay away from my fringe scarf this week. It just makes any outfit look better. I also ventured to the mall to return these tights I got at F21, since I didn't realize how sheer they were until I got home. So I'm hoping to get some knit ones at H&M soon. I also saw the perfect cardigan that I wanted from there I'm hoping to take my mom along with me when I go there..*wink**wink* I've been semi confused about where I put my shoelaces for my gray converses.. Yes, how does a girl lose shoelaces may you ask? Well I took the white ones out and put in a different color, but I got bored of it and now I'm not wearing them until I find the originals. I'm getting more forgetful by the day.


Ashleigh said...

I actually like the jacket the way it is =)....and sure, ill trade links...linking you now ;)

Shen-Shen said...

I'm actually looking for a pair of black sheer tights... As well as as many nice warm (cheap) woolen ones as possible!

I love the scarf, and the blazer. I believe tailoring can be a bit expensive, I've never had it done though so I can't say for sure.

TINE said...

Awesome mixture of black, white & gray!!


linked n loaded!


looking great love the combination shades/tones... Feel free to drop by & hope you say hi ok...


Anonymous said...