Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally, shopping!

After an entire week of absolute torture at school, I finally got to do some shopping! So, today after my fashion design course, my mom and I headed over to this shopping center called South Bay, in Boston. She went over to Marshalls and I went to Target. I wished I had gone there when Richard Chai had his August collection there. I really wanted that blue flower dress I saw on some advertisements. I actually bought a baby floral ruffle skirt. I'm usually not into baby florals that much but I really like it!
After that I walked over to Old Navy. I probably haven't been in that store for years.. I was browsing through the sale rack and bought this cute sleeveless nautical cardigan for $9.99. Score. Then came TJ Maxx, where I purchased a gray handbag. I'm actually kind of regreting it right now, and wished I had taken the extra long black cardigan I yearned for.. I bet I'm going to exchange it. I always, ALWAYS keep all my receipts, knowing my very easily mercurial fashion mind.

I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

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MW said...

you have been linkeddddd lady! :]